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Star Wars -- Hunger Games Bumper Sticker by almcdermid Star Wars -- Hunger Games Bumper Sticker :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 3 0
Never Marry an Artist: A Tokyo Love Story
He was hunched over his coffee, looking grumpier than usual, which was quite a feat. He hadn’t seen me yet, so perhaps I could make good my escape. I hesitated a half second, but it was all it took. He’d seen me and now I was trapped. I had assented to being here by showing up. I guess I should follow through. I walked to his table and placed my knapsack on one of the vacant chairs.
“Bloody hell,” he said by way of a greeting.
“I’m going to get a coffee,” I said. “You good?” He waved me off and returned to his glowering. Apparently his skinny latte had committed some great offense and was receiving the full brunt of his icy stare. Perhaps he was trying to convert it to a Frappuccino. Perhaps he had mis-ordered and this was the source of his urgent gloom.  He had called me ten minutes earlier, simply saying, ‘Can you meet me?’ ‘What? Now?’ I had asked, but he had already rung off.  He knew I’d
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Mature content
The Cheongsam Bombshell CH09 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 2 0
A Halo for Red Betsy CH09
1200 Monday 2 May 1949
I left my piece in the car and entered the lockup where I’d spent Saturday night, and asked for directions to the detective’s squad room. The Hawaiian sergeant behind the desk looked up from his blotter to see my badge and directed me to a staircase at the end of the hall. On my way, I passed a “Those Who Served” wall display dedicated to the men who had fought or died on the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific. I almost missed it, but there was a shot of Takeda, receiving a medal from some general that towered over him. His numerous citations, including four Purple hearts, were depicted below the photo. The boy carried some serious salad, so maybe I could let myself forget that I probably traded shots with some of his cousins. Perhaps he was even a good cop. I could at least try to like him.
There seemed to be a standard design for detective squad rooms, and this one was no different— a large open space with desks in the middle (
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Brave New City No. 60 by almcdermid Brave New City No. 60 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 5 7 Brave New City No. 59 by almcdermid Brave New City No. 59 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 5 2 Brave New City No. 58 by almcdermid Brave New City No. 58 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 5 3 Brave New City No. 57 by almcdermid Brave New City No. 57 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 5 2
A Halo for Red Betsy CH08
1000 Monday 2 May 1949
Red dropped me at the motor pool where I picked up my car, a 1948 white Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan 2-door that had arrived in place of the 4-door sedans the military usually employed. The Navy couldn’t really use it and hadn’t yet decided what to do with it. My luck was looking up. It was a fine car, and better yet, it didn’t look military. Before heading over to see Beaufort, I swung by the barracks to pick up the .32 and the cash, hiding both in the trunk of the Chevy.
There was a Marine guard in front of Beaufort’s quarters. He stepped aside as I climbed the porch. Before knocking, I briefly watched Beaufort through the screen. He was sitting in the same chair as before, as if he hadn’t moved, except that he’d shaved and was wearing clean khakis. And he wasn’t drinking. Many men pace when forced by circumstances to remain inactive, especially when something needs to be done. Beaufort just sat there. I was sure this
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Mature content
The Cheongsam Bombshell CH08 :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 1 4
Old Japan: Torii Gate by almcdermid Old Japan: Torii Gate :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 3 4 By Any Other Name by almcdermid By Any Other Name :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 0 2 The Canopy as Seen from Space by almcdermid The Canopy as Seen from Space :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 5 6
Death Gets a Lift
Writing and one of his sisters
(she’s not saying which one)
stops at the last-gas-for-68-miles diner
to top off the tank
and get some ice for the cooler.
Writing sees Death hunched over his coffee
in a booth and says, “Hey, Death, long time.”
“Writing,” Death says, “good to see you man.
What are you doing way out here?”
“Going walkabout, you?”
“Got stuck here awhile back,” Death says.
“We could give you a lift,” Writing says.
He looks at his sister for confirmation;
she merely shrugs.
“Say,” Death says upon noticing the sister,
“aren’t you . . .”
“No,” she says, “but I get that a lot.”
:iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 2 6
Trillium by almcdermid Trillium :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 1 3 birch by almcdermid birch :iconalmcdermid:almcdermid 1 0

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What I like most here is the structure by moving effortlessly from the general to the particular. First stanza is 'reflection' with no ...