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ROR 3.0 Book 1 World Map by AlmasNamir ROR 3.0 Book 1 World Map :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 2 0 Summer 2011 ID by AlmasNamir Summer 2011 ID :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 0 2010 ID by AlmasNamir 2010 ID :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 0 0 ID 2009 by AlmasNamir ID 2009 :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 0
To My Reader
My dearest reader,
A tender heart is all I ask.
Boundless imagination,
Tireless wit, an eye for the fantastic.
Is it so much to ask?
Leave the world you know behind.
Trust in my pen and inkwell
To lead you where you wouldn’t think to go.
Whether it be prose or verse,
Think only this of me:
Insanity legalized, reality misplaced,
A love of imagined worlds,
And the people therein.
A simple question you must answer,
Whether it be in riddles or in simple query,
Where does your heart take you
When you dream at night?
A tender heart is all I ask.
One that seeks a kinship,
No strings attached.
To dwindle away
As dust gathers
On the shelves
Around my
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 10
2009 ID by AlmasNamir 2009 ID :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 0 15 ROR Map by AlmasNamir ROR Map :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 2 6
The Dance
I glanced up at him uncertainly, adjusting the mask over my face even as I did so. His hand was still extended toward me and there was a smile playing at his lips and in the eyes behind the half-mask that he was wearing.
“Uh…” I said, looking down at the short, lace gloves on my hands.
“She’d love to,” my friend responded for me and shoved me out of my seat.
I stumbled and the man who’d just asked me to dance quickly moved to steady me. I blushed furiously behind my full mask and hoped that he didn’t notice.
“Are you alright?” he asked, just loud enough to be heard over the music.
“Mhmm,” I mumbled back and nodded.
“Come on,” he said gently, offering his hand again to lead me to the dance floor.
“I-I don’t know how-” I started.
“Nonsense,” he said, flashing a smile at me. “I saw you dancing earlier. I’m sure you’ll be able to keep up.”
He led me to the middle of the dance
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 5
Untitled Secondary Project 3
The train station was considerably empty. It was well kempt, if dusty, and the only living thing in the mosaic-ed cavern was a beggar, huddled in the back corner. The unfortunate soul was asleep by the remains of a small fire, and a shrill wind blew through the terminal.
The wretch started and woke as a train screeched to a halt at the solitary platform and hissed away the pressure of the steam in its engines. The doors to each railcar slid open and for several moments no further people emerged onto the platform.
Eventually, a short, slender figure stepped onto the platform wrapped in a thick, woolen trench coat. The figure pulled down the brim of the felt hat on its head lower over the pale blue-gray eyes framed by slim rectangular glasses.
The beggar scrambled further back into his corner, and the movement caught the black-clad figure’s sharp eyes.
“Please don’ hurt me!” the beggar whimpered as the figure came closer and crouched in front of him.
“Tell me, st
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 0 0
Untitled Secondary Project 2
Kalysta stared hard at the water below her. She hated this chore, and yet she was forced to do it. She leaned down from the branch on which she was perched and dipped her talons into the completely clear water and sighed.
“You’ll scare the fish away if you keep that up, Kalysta,” her companion, Deonte murmured, pulling her back up onto the branch.
“It’s too shallow for fish,” she muttered back at him.
Deonte rolled his eyes and shook his head.
The sun gently rolled across the sky, and Kalysta became more and ever more impatient. She stood and worked her way back toward the trunk of the tree she and Deonte were sitting in.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he muttered.
“I’m sick of this, I’m going for a walk,” she replied irritably.
“Some Grosvenor you are,” Deonte snapped. “You wouldn’t be leaving your post like this-”
“Waiting for fish that aren’t even in this stupid pond is a waste of
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 0 0
Untitled Secondary Project
Alina Fakhriyya glanced again behind her and pulled her veil up over the bridge of her nose. She took a deep breath and tightened the belt around her skirt. Hanging from the leather strap around her waist was a soft calfskin pouch filled with golden coins and small gems. It wasn’t much, to her reckoning, but it was probably enough to get her transport out of Zaman without too many questions.
With one last look at the room in which she’d spent her life since she was old enough to have womanly curves, Alina disappeared through the faceted window. The streets were quiet, particularly at the early hour of the morning, and she was able to slip away from the prison she’d been stuck in for years.
She breathed a sigh of relief as she reached the dock. She was so close, now, and she had her chance to see the world. She was well aware of the fact that she was probably the most naïve person on the face of the planet, but she had enough intelligence to know that she co
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 0 6
The Levana Crystal
All was quiet in the house across the plain. No one was there to interrupt the plans that lay ahead. Casidhe Galtero smiled to herself, her elongated canine teeth showing her demon heritage. A young child in a human village with mixed parents, Casidhe had never truly been accepted. The only friend that she had ever known was her mother, Anette, and she had been sent to the guillotine six years before. Casidhe then turned to thievery to retain her life. Her hair was silver, with streaks of blue, red, and purple shining through it, her eyes were a pale gray that almost did not show, and her skin was a natural shade of tan, right between pale and dark.
As Casidhe began to creep through the plain, the farm animals of the address were beginning to emerge for a midnight snack. She eyed them hungrily, but nothing could have stopped her from gaining what she truly wanted. She wove her way through the grass, animal droppings, and the animals themselves, heading straight for the house. The Levan
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 6
LotDP - 01
Chapter One: The Key to the Treasure
Night had fallen long ago. The starless sky was darker than pitch, though the lamplight cast from the towns cast some color onto the storm clouds that were quickly churning the roads into sticky mires.
It was nights like this that discouraged most travelers from leaving their inns and camps. Most travelers would be asleep, or raucously enjoying a stew or some mulled ale or wine.
Most travelers.
There were still some who braced the cursed nights like this; determined to find their hidden-away destinations. Currently, a cloaked group of three was making its way through the outermost reaches of a forest that covered the unnamed mountain’s foothills. The group’s leader stopped and pointed to a lantern along the outer wall that glowed blue-green rather than the standard goldenrod hues. The other two nodded and followed their leader down to the hidden doorway below the lantern.
The leader of the group knocked softly and a slot in the door opened
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 3
Captain Almas ID by AlmasNamir Captain Almas ID :iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 4 11
Alien Apocalypse
The world I knew was long gone.
It used to be that I had school, practice, a boyfriend, family and friends, and even enemies. There were billions upon billions of people around me; all over the world.
It all started on graduation day, 2008. Friday the Thirteenth of June.
“Congratulations, class of two-thousand-and-eight!” our principal, Mr. Patrick called into the microphone. The crowd of parents, family and friends in the bleachers sent up a loud cheer and let the fog horns rip as all of us graduates threw our weird hats into the air.
Soon enough we were let out of our seats and two guys approached me: my boyfriend Ven, and my best friend Michael. I hugged them both tightly, and kissed Ven as he swung me around. I knew I was going to miss both of them like crazy since Ven was going to Cal and Michael was going to Channel Islands for school while I was staying behind to go to DVC, the local community collage.
Of course, I was going to miss Ven sooner even though he was going
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 14
Debris of a Lifetime
Kaylee leaned out, gripping the ladder in one hand and reaching for James with the other.
“Don’t worry about me, Kaylee!” James called over the din. “I’ll be fine, just get yourself out!”
“James, if you stay, I stay. We’ve got each other’s backs, no matter what, remember? I’m not leaving you here!”
“I can’t hold on much longer!” James gasped, his hands starting to slip off the broken railing. “Just get out of here while you still can!”
“NO!” Kaylee screamed as his hands slipped off the one thing keeping him alive. She seized his wrist before he could fall too far and swung him onto the ladder below her. “You’re getting out of here, too.” She insisted.
“Okay, let’s go.” James panted, relieved that he wasn’t forced to say goodbye to his best and closest friend.
Once they’d gotten down to the bottom of the ladder, some three or four stories down, they bolted th
:iconalmasnamir:AlmasNamir 1 7

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seriously considering self-publishing on Amazon for Kindle; possibly moving to print IF it goes well... Kindle publishing is basically free, up to 70% royalties, Print Publishing is more like up to 80% royalties, but i'm pretty sure there are production costs.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of poorly edited stuff out there in the self-published world, and as an English Education major in college with eyes on being either a Teacher or Editor for a publishing house, i would rather have as solid a piece as possible before attempting publishing.

For anyone willing to help me out with this stuff, here's what i would love to have pointed out to me:

~So if there are any major plot holes, any unclear areas, minor grammatical issues, please tell me where they are; i'm too close to the project to see them clearly.

~Also, if you have any ideas for a different title for any chapters or the book/series as a whole, i'm open to suggestions.

~OH and if you see places where i can reasonably put character descriptions, that would be great... i know i'm lacking on that somewhat.

as always, please try to keep your critiques and comments in positive language and avoid saying anything with evil or mean intent. this doesn't just apply to me; for anyone posting their own work, that work is a piece of them and tearing it apart with cruelty is doing the same to a piece of that person.


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