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MH:TLC Map by almanorigin MH:TLC Map :iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 4 3
MH:TLC Chapter 13, The Roll of Thunder Part 3
The Roll of Thunder (Part 3)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
The two hunters braced themselves, expecting the leviathan to unleash its deafening roar once again in challenge of the two. But rather than doing so, the creature unleashed a rather pitiful growl at the pair of hunters. It turned its head around, glancing at the boat out at sea, which was currently booking it back to Boma, in what seemed like a longing gesture. Ellie gave it a confused look as it seemed to make a motion to turn and dive back after the ship.
But suddenly it reared back as though it was struck, and howled in pain yet again. Its eyes flared up in anger and pain, and the Lagiacrus turned abruptly towards the two hunters. Without the slightest warning or call of challenge, the creature lurched forward, surging across the beach towards them, spraying sand in both directions as it tore across the beach.
Ellie and Levin dove away from the creature's p
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 5
MH:TLC Chapter 13, The Roll of Thunder Part 2
The Roll of Thunder (Part 2)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
A catastrophic explosion shook the earth below, rattling Levin as he jolted awake. The young hunter glanced around in shock and fear as flames roared into the sky all around him, clawing at the sky and blotting out the stars and moon with a flood of smoke and soot. The great sword user coughed involuntarily as the smell of destruction and death filled his nostrils.
His eyes shot around, searching, trying to figure out where he was. Wasn't he just in Ellie's hut in Boma? Now he was elsewhere, in the burning ruins of a town. No, it had to be a city. The buildings towered over him, great stone pillars into the sky. No, not stone; the buildings were made of concrete and steel.
An eerie sense of familiarity overwhelmed him as a building only a couple dozen yards away from him began to crumble. Finally, with a screech of metal tearing and concrete sh
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 5
MH:TLC Chapter 13, The Roll of Thunder Part 1
The Roll of Thunder (Part 1)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
It was a hot day in Loc Lac, as far as Marco was concerned. Well, every day in Loc Lac was hot, but today was particularly nasty. It didn't help that he was forced to dress in formal dress in his line of work, buttoned up thick robes that required multiple layers and highly complicated designs. As the middle-aged man gazed listlessly out the window of the city council's assembly room, he could see the heat radiating off the endless buildings, tents, and streets below, creating a wavy distortion in the air that twisted and mangled the view of the city below.
It reminded Marco of one of those… what were they called?... modern arts that some of the more "artistic" (although that was certainly a matter of opinion) members of the Lost liked making and attempting to sell to the higher class members of the city. Though Marco didn't really under
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 2 5
MH:TLC Chapter 12, Bombs and Mortars Part 2
Bombs and Mortars (Part 2)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
The bomb detonated as the others had, ripping the water apart with deafening sound and a furious blast of pressure against Ellie's skin and bones. But the Gobul, situated just underneath the primary blast zone, felt the worst of the blast and was rocketed out of the silt, flopping over upside down in the water, reeling in pain and confusion at being caught and uncovered. The disorientation from the detonation churned it around, and the potent poison in its veins made it belch up another half-digested slab of Epioth meat.
Levin and Marshall were both frozen in surprise at Ellie firing and the subsequent detonation, but they recovered quickly as Ellie reloaded her bowgun, lunging forward to assault the flailing Gobul. However, the Gobul caught sight of the pair as they approached from its rear, and swung its tail wildly at them, fending them off with the threat of
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 3
MH:TLC Chapter 12, Bombs and Mortars Part 1
Bombs and Mortars (Part 1)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
A gleam of early morning light woke Ellie the next day, shining through the thinnest of cracks in the wide blinds that covered the ornate windows of the house. She sat up sleepily, the moment of drowsy fogginess in her mind making her wonder where she was and how she got there. Her memories came back quickly, informing her that she was, in fact, currently in Cobi Village, there to hunt the Gobul.
The sound of restless breathing caught her attention, and she followed the noise, spotting Levin sleeping sprawled across a nearby couch. A few thin sheets were draped over him as he dozed, thrown around as he had tossed and turned in his sleep, no doubt unaccustomed to the new and unfamiliar place. A few scattered papers littered the floor under him, scribbles and ideas the two of them had come up with on how to fight the Gobul etched onto each page.
Marshall was nowher
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 3
MH:TLC Chapter 11, Traveling and Trickery
Traveling and Trickeries
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
"Wake up, kid. You're in the way."
Levin jolted awake as a gloved hand grabbed him by the shoulder and shook his awake. He blinked in confusion for a moment as he collected his bearings. He was in one of the seats at the Guild booth, apparently having fallen asleep there in the warm sunlight of midday in Boma. He saw Mel rolling her eyes at him and Marshall sitting next to him with a smirk on his face.
"You hear me or what, kid? Move it."
Levin turned in irritation to the voice, finding himself face-to-face with a lanky man in the bright red outfit commonly worn by members of the Hunter's Guild (more specifically, worn by the non-hunters of the Guild). The man had a thin face and a waxy complexion under slicked back black hair, topped off with a look of supposed superiority that Levin suspected never left the man's face, even while he slept.
"Yeah, yeah
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 5
MH:TLC Chapter 10, The Nest in the Rapids Part 2
The Nest in the Rapids (Part 2)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
"Pull harder!" Ellie heard Levin call out from the other side of the Epioth corpse in front of her. Her hands nearly slipped off the rubbery hide of the creatures neck as she tugged, dragging the heavy body up out of the water and onto the beach. With a final push of energy, she dragged the carcass the last few feet out of the water and onto dry land.
"Okay, we're good," Levin said, dropping the Epioth's tail and sloshing out of the water, before dropping to the sand to rest. "Good lord, it's been too long since I've done underwater hunting. I forgot how much of a pain in the butt it is to beach these things."
"Is it really necessary to pull them up to shore?" Ellie asked tiredly. "Can't you just float them to the surface and carve them there?"
"Not with the guts, apparently," Levin replied, flopping onto his back and staring into the sky. "With a lot of the
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 0 1
MH:TLC Chapter 10, The Nest in the Rapids Part 1
The Nest in the Rapids (Part 1)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
The sun was setting over the forest, leaving long shadows spread out across the ground from the tall trees that grew around the village of Boma. Ellie looked up at the canopy, searching the darkening sky that filtered through the trees for any sign of the prey she and Levin were hunting. The darkening sky made it hard for her to discern the difference between the sky and anything overhead, however. Only the leaves swaying to and fro allowed the hunters any sign of motion in the skies.
"See anything, Ellie?" Levin asked quietly as he absentmindedly sharpened the edge of his sword with a whetstone.
"Not really," Ellie replied. "A whole lot of sky, but not much else. You really think the Qurupeco's nest is in this part of the forest?"
"Seems like the right place for it to be," Levin replied, sliding a finger along the blade to test its sharpness. "The mission o
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 5
MH:TLC Ch9, Season of the Valley of Flowers Part 2
Season of the Valley of Flowers (Part 2)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
"Okay, this isn't even fair," Levin muttered as his second knight was successfully captured by Mel's remaining rook. "I taught you this game yesterday and you're wiping the floor with me. You're cheating somehow, but for the life of me I can't tell how."
"Maybe you just suck," Mel grinned, tossing his knight into her ever-growing pile of captured pieces. "Ever considered that by chance?"
"Once or twice," Levin admitted. "But still, this is insane. I can't even get into check. How in nine hells were you born with such an affinity to board games?"
"You find ways to pass the time when you don't do much work during your job," Mel replied as Levin feebly marched a pawn up the board. "I'm sure you've figured that out by now, what with Doctor Orson forcing you and Eleanor into permanent bed rest until you both recover. Speaking of which, how're the ribs co
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 9
MH:TLC Ch9, Season of the Valley of Flowers Part 1
Season of the Valley of Flowers (Part 1)
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
With a twitch of its leg and a burst of speed, the deep green dragon called the Rathian lurched forward, charging the two hunters, intent on crushing them beneath its bulk.
Levin began to lean to the side in order to dive away, but he spotted Ellie out of the corner of his eye, motionless. He twisted around, straining every muscle he had, and lunged at her, tackling her to the ground as the Rathian thundered past, leaving a line of large three-toed footprints where the two of them once stood.
Levin grabbed Ellie by the shoulders of her armor and dragged her back to her feet. He grabbed her arm and prepared to run, but a sudden flash of emotion flickered across her face, making Levin pause for a moment. He glanced over at her, trying to determine what he'd seen.
"I can't," she whispered quietly.
Levin frowned in confusion. "Can't what?" he asked, pul
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 3
MH:TLC Chapter 8, Royal Ludroth Trouble Part 2
The Royal Ludroth's head dipped lower, its snout enlarging as it inhaled the scents around the corpse of the dead Ludroth. In its unprepared state, Eleanor pulled the trigger, the muzzle flashing a bright burst of yellow flame. At the same moment, Levin lurched forward, charging the Royal Ludroth just a fraction of a second after the firing of the round.
The Royal Ludroth barely had time to register the sound of the bowgun firing before the round collided with its bright yellow mane, digging deep into the spongy material just over a foot behind its head. It reared back in surprise at the object digging into its neck, noticing Levin approaching. Its eyes narrowed, and it prepared to roar its challenge of attack.
Then the Crag Shot exploded. The eruption of flame detonated with such force that the Royal Ludroth's head bucked back, flailing around like a ragdoll for a moment. Finally the alpha male managed to regain control, shaking his dazed head to ward off wave of dizziness. By that ti
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 3
MH:TLC Chapter 8, Royal Ludroth Trouble Part 1
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
The Great Jaggi lunged, clipping Levin's guard and knocking him back, despite the solid stance he'd had. A rock caught his heel, sending him tripping over himself, arms spiraling in the air to regain his balance. Sensing an opportunity, the pack leader leapt back, took a few steps to gain momentum and began twisting its body to the side.
Realizing what the Great Jaggi was doing, Levin dropped one of his feet behind him, forcing himself to stop his backwards slide. He dropped his center of mass and dove to the side, just as the wall of mass that was the Great Jaggi flew over him. A gust of wind blew the hood of his armor off the top of his head as the creature passed over him. He sighed inwardly in relief. Though the Great Jaggi was certainly not as big as some of the other creatures he'd heard about or seen, a good straight impact from a creature that size could certainly break a few thing
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 1 7
MH:TLC Chapter 7, Birds of Prey Part 2
Birds of Prey Part 2
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
"So how are we even going to be able to find a Qurupeco today?" Ellie asked as the two hunters trudged through the foliage of the forest.
"Shouldn't be that hard to find one," Levin replied as he hacked his way through the brush with his hunter's knife. "Qurupeco aren't far traveling creatures like the Jaggis when they search for food. They're generally fish eaters anyway, so all they really need to do is make a nest near a river or the ocean and their set."
"There are a lot of rivers and creeks through this area, though."
"I know. But they like high places for their nests, so we just need to find a high rock outcropping overlooking water, and we'll probably find a Qurupeco. Which is why we're heading over there."
Levin pointed off into the distance at a large rocky cape protruding out from a hill. The rocky overlook extended almost a thousand yards out from the mainla
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 3 6
MH:TLC Chapter 7, Birds of Prey Part 1
Birds of Prey Part 1
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
Eleanor crouched impatiently in the dense foliage, bowgun at the ready. She peered through the thick branches and leaves, waiting. Cracks and smashes bounced and echoes through the trees, signaling the eminent approach of her target. The loud howl of the wounded creature pierced the relative silence of the forest, giving testament to the damage she'd inflicted on the beast to the whole of the forest.
No less than ten feet in front of her was a wide migration path. On both sides was thick and damp forest, totally obscuring any vision in either direction to any creature on the path itself. This was the reason, no doubt, that Levin had chosen this particular place to wait as their wounded prey crashed through the trees, panicking at the hunters it couldn't see, that had been hounding it and ambushing it the whole day.
The knowledge that the creature still lived made Elean
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 2 10
MH:TLC Chapter 6, Hunting the Great Jaggi Part 2
Hunting the Great Jaggi Part 2
Disclaimer: Monster Hunter is copyright Capcom. All the characters in this story are mine.
The two of them worked quickly preparing their plan of attack against the Great Jaggi. To begin with, the pair of hunters were forced to repel down the sides of the cliff by using the willow vines hanging over the edge. Eleanor had been mildly against the idea of trusting their lives to the durability of a string of vines, but once Levin made note of how little time they probably had, her enthusiasm for the idea increased.
Once they'd dropped to the valley, the field itself, the two of them truly set to work. The Aptonoths seemed to ignore them completely when they walked through the herd. The Kelbi were wary, and tended to prance away if either of them got too close, but none of them seemed too worried about the presence of the hunters. The adult Kelbi seemed to be much more concerned with the possibility of an approaching threat. Levin sent Eleanor off with
:iconalmanorigin:almanorigin 2 3


01. You must post these rules.
02. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
03. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.
04. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
05. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
06. No tag backs.
07. Nothing in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

My Questions:
1. What is you favorite type of game? Video Games, Board Games, etc.
Video game, clearly

2. Have you ever tried something you knew you were going to regret, but did it anyway?
Tequila. Oh, God, Tequila.

3. Ever think you were going to best someone at something, only to be bested by that person?
I'm sure I have, but I can't think of an example... some Super Smash Bros. fights can go sideways sometimes, though.

4. Call of Duty or Battlefield?
Battlefield, easily. Way more tactical and it gives you a bigger sense of accomplishment for finishing a game.

5. All out assault, or tactical advance?
Depends on the situation I think. Go with tactical unless you're sure to mop the floor with whatever you're attacking, then run them down.

6. Has your best friend ever done something so stupid you just want to punch him in the face, but then you realize that you did it too?
Some people I know are really picky about what they eat, and I tell them they shouldn't be. But before college, I admit that I was a really really picky eater myself...

7. Ever fail so utterly that you can brag about it?
I failed a test and got the lowest score in the history of those taking it... it's not as bad as it sounds, but it's something I laugh about these days.

8. Analogue Clock or Digital?
Digital, unless it's a wristwatch, then I prefer analog.

9. Have you ever actually listened to old men talk all day?
A couple times, especially when I go visit my Grandpa.

10. What's your favorite fandom?
I don't really know what fandom I prefer, but I always thought the Harry Potter fans were quite the powerful collective, especially considering that they were fans as children that grew into adulthood in a fandom.

Ten random facts:
1. I am slowly getting pulled fully into the Lord of the Rings lore and fandom. I have little doubt that, once I'm done with the trilogy, I'm going to go out in search of the Silmarilion book.
2. I greatly prefer paper books to electronic.
3. Speaking of books, I've spent so much time in bookstores that I have a veritable library of fantasy and sci-fi books all of my own.
4. I have swiftly become a Tumblr addict over the last couple weeks.
5. I am going to try and collect every weapon in MH3U. This may be tricky, considering that there are 30-ish weapons per weapon type, excluding the ranged weapons...
6. I am a chronophobe of sorts. I get panicky if I can't tell what time it is.
7. I keep clothes around as long as they fit, no matter how old they are. I still have shirts I bought in middle school, over 10 years ago.
8. I am inordinately fond of body pillows. I don't like normal pillows.
9. I almost never watch TV, unless someone else wants to do so with me. Movies are only watched occasionally.
10. I've often wished I could turn off the internet for a day, just to see what happens. Or if not that, kill facebook for a week and see how people react.

My 10 questions:
1. Which would you like to find out more: to have aliens show up on earth or to find out mythical creatures exist?
2. Save the world or destroy and rule it?
3. Favorite movie?
4. If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, which would it be?
5. Language you'd like to learn?
6. Place you'd like to visit?
7. Favorite villain? Heroes are boring.
8. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
9. What animal/living creature are you most afraid of?
10. What TV show/movie really hits you with nostalgia?




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Anyway, right now I have Richard wearing both the features; the beard is the same bark blonde as Richard's hair.
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I've toyed around in Tanzia Port, but haven't done much more than gone on a Paw Pass hunt in the Tundra to get some Lightcrystals. I want to at least fight every type of monster before I really get going with online quests so I know what I'm doing.

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