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FOELTC (9) Chapter Nine by AlmanacPony
Mature content
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MY BOOK COLLECTION *SQUEEEE* :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 3 2
'Stranger' by 'Inlucidreverie' by AlmanacPony 'Stranger' by 'Inlucidreverie' :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 31 5 NEW BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! by AlmanacPony NEW BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 10 2 COMING SOON by AlmanacPony COMING SOON :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 4 0 FOELTC (8) Chapter Eight by AlmanacPony
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FOELTC (8) Chapter Eight :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 10 6
[COMING SOON] Griffon's Goblet Alt-Art Hardback by AlmanacPony [COMING SOON] Griffon's Goblet Alt-Art Hardback :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 7 0 The Terrible Tickling at Isle De Tesoro (commiss) by AlmanacPony The Terrible Tickling at Isle De Tesoro (commiss) :iconalmanacpony:AlmanacPony 5 3

Want a book of your OC?

I do many commission deals to write fanfictions for anyone that wants them, but I also do deals on those fanfictions to have them illustrated and bound into hardback books for your personal collection.

If you want (and most say yes) I can also sell your book of your OC as part of my collection commercially, thereby making your OC part of something bigger, and for Brony's all over to read and learn about you.
(The books will contain online address's to find and contact you as the owner of the OC and the story)

Want your OC in the Daring Do series?

I offer character slots for the entire Daring Do series from major slots to minor slots.

Major slots have been taken, but support characters are plentiful in abundance with an infinite number of minor slots for your OC to be a background pony.

(Support character examples would be those like Zecora in the show. Not a main character, but certainly not just an average background pony. Support characters help drives the plot and aid the hero's.)

If you have an OC in the books, it also opens up a secondary deal on a MAJOR discount for your OC to have their own side story based in the Daring Do universe.


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Erm...I don't really have a goal with this. It's just if you guys are interested. ^-^

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Squadron 42 cast:
Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong, Andy Serkis, Sophie Wu, John Rhys-Davies, Liam Cunningham, Jack Huston, Gillian Anderson, Rhona Mitra, Ben Mendelsohn, Sandi Gardiner, Harry Treadaway, Ian Duncan, and many more!

    "Do not get into arguments with stupid people, they will always take things down to their level and beat you with experience."
— David Thomas - YouTube comment section.

This quote is often attributed to ‘Mark Twain’, but its actually a re-telling, as his own quote was a rendition of the proverb “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” and people translated it into this. But there’s no direct originator for it it seems.
For those curious. The audiobook has gathered dust on my desktop in an almost complete state since the first few weeks of June. But at such a time, an event occurred in my life that I cannot give a just description for. Suffice to say these past few months have been the worst of my life. I am trying to find the motivation to do my stories and audiobooks again, and I swear that I will and I will finish them. But I wanted you all to know, and to hopefully understand, that the reason this channel has been silent for 3 months now, is because it is a very bad time for me, and I need a little work done on myself to get through this right now. Thank you for your time and patience.
All lines for the audiobook recording of Chapter 2 of 'Fo:E-Letters to Celestia' are recorded. Just gotta edit it together now. ^-^
FOELTC (9) Chapter Nine
Based on Fallout: Equestria by Kkat.

Set YEARS before Littlepip ever set her first hoof from her Stable. The sins of the past resonate in more lands than Equestria, and in more hearts than those of ponies. Intrigue, mystery and death follow those that some may call heroes, but one among them could never accept that title.

This is Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia.

And the Wasteland is not your friend.

Read here:

Foreword (for those that have not read the original foe by kkat): FOELTC () Foreword *skip if read Kkats original*
Intro/Prologue: FOELTC (0) Intro
Chapter One: FOELTC (1) Chapter One
Chapter Two: FOELTC (2) Chapter Two
Chapter Three: FOELTC (3) Chapter Three
Chapter Four: FOELTC (4) Chapter Four
Chapter Five: FOELTC (5) Chapter Five
Chapter Six: FOELTC (6) Chapter Six
Chapter Seven: FOELTC (7) Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight: FOELTC (8) Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine: [You Are Here]

Support me on Patreon:

(NOTE: As the author, I do not condone the act of rape. The acts mentioned by the mare in this chapter are deplorable, and her ability to speak casually of such things is not indicative of my views, or an effort to trivialise the act of rape or the experience of any victims of such an act. The content is simply part of said characters personality and state of mind.)


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"I believe the stories we tell are of vital importance. They link us to the thousands of years of history and to an array of potential futures; they let us empathize with the experiences of people we’ve never met, and reveal the fantastic experiences of beings who never existed. Our culture lives in our stories… the accumulation of values, hopes, conflicts, knowledge, dreams, and fears. Stories are the fingerprints of humanity - unique patterns that bear testament to everything we’ve seen and learned and lived."
— Daniel H. Wilson, I, Robot Preface, on Issac Asimov.

I am selling Hardback Daring Do books based on the books I am writing here on my DeviantArt page. - Follow me here for my incredible randomness. I almost always accept friend requests. - Follow me on tumblr for updates - Buy hardback Daring Do merchandise here!… - Secondary area for story updates so you can read them online without downloading them.

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