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(Chapter in Progress)

"“What do you mean the war isn’t over?” I called to her as she moved through the underbrush. She led the way and I tried to follow. I stepped where she stepped, but I felt like a new-born deer trying to walk for the first time. She moved over branches and roots as easily as I might have through the trash and dunes of the Wasteland; whereas I, behind her, stumbled, tripled, caught my hoof on unseen things that she seemed to so easily avoid.

“No stop. No time.” She said sharply, turning to me and gesturing for me to hurry up.

I couldn’t help but grumble to myself as I tried my best to speed up. I had no idea where we were going, every inch of this jungle looked the same to me. “I need to find my friends. Do you understand that word? Friends?”

“I understand.” She replied without even looking at me.

“Okay,” I began, hoping we were getting somewhere. “Is this the way to them then?”

She climbed up onto a particularly large fallen trunk of a tree, its surface having become mossy and slippery in the dew that had collected, yet she climbed it easily as though it were a set of stone steps. “No.” She answered simply before jumping to the other side of the trunk.

I paused at that answer and glared a little. I approached the trunk, it was bent in a way that allowed access to the bottom and underneath it, and I, rather than wanting to climb over the thing and likely break my neck, began squeezing myself under the log.

“No!” Ukoo suddenly yelled at me, she rushed the other side of the trunk, slipped to the ground mid-run and skidded into a form kick that slipped under the trunk and straight into my chest, launching me back out the other side. I yelped and skidded back a few feet away from the trunk and panting from the pain.

“The fuck?!” I gasped, looking over to her, only for my eyes to widen. The underside of the Trunk looked like it had TEETH. But it wasn’t the trunk, on closer inspection I saw it was some kind of massive insect that had buried itself into a crevice on the underside of the log, it probed eagerly for anything to grab, large bonelike teeth that reached and wriggled and explored, but thankfully it found nothing, and slithered once again away from view.

There was silence for a moment after the large insect had slipped away. Ukoo climbed up onto the trunk again and looked at me, but even as I tried to make myself look at her, I couldn’t help but glance again and again back at the underside of that log. I didn’t know what that thing was, but my heart was pounding in panic over it.

“Meno Nyeusi. Sumu, how you say, poison. Kifo, death.”

I gulped and managed to force myself to look back at her this time. I nodded now, showing I understood.

“Over tree.” She said stiffly before jumping once again to the other side of the tree.

I approached it wearily, my chest still hurting from her kick, but I would rather have received that than allow myself to be taken by that thing. I looked for a way around the root, but the surrounding trees were wrapped in a natural web of vines that left little to no room for movement. This really was the best way.

Giving the underside a wide berth, I stepped up onto the mossy surface and almost immediately slipped. Thankfully I’d braced myself against a nearby upright tree, so I didn’t fall flat. I simply tried again, got a better purchase, and found an almost unseen hold that was just enough for my hoof to bear my weight. This was likely how she’d ascended it the first time, I told myself. I pulled myself up and on top of the trunk before jumping to the other side. I glanced back at the log and quickly moved further away from it.

“Are there many more of those things out here?” I asked in a nervous voice.

She thought about my words for a moment, likely giving herself time to translate them in her head before she nodded with a slightly disconcertingly broad smile spreading across her face. “Oh yes, many. Meno Nyeusi, very common. Good for Mikuki.”

I asked, “mikuki?”

She nodded. “Spears.” She informed me.

I nodded, that made sense. “You said they were poison? Is that if they bite you?” I asked, my heart rate finally having levelled out. She nodded at my question. “Then it’s venomous.” She looked confused. “Poison, is if you eat it and you die, erm, kifu.” I said, borrowing the word she’d said before; assuming that it was the correct translation. “Venom, if it bites you, and you die, kifu.”

She seemed to think about that. “Two? We have one. Sumu. Means same as two. Poison and venom.”

I thought about that and shrugged. That made sense too, it was also more efficient language wise. I filed that information away in case I needed it. While I was here, I figured I might as well pick up as much of the language as possible. “Sumu.” I repeated to myself, trying the word on my lips. “Thank you for letting me know.”

She beamed at the thanks and we continued moving."

"What is saving? Is it life? Is it death? Is it a long life and a sudden death?

Is it old age? Is it time?

If so, prized slaves have more than most,

As their owners keep them safe and close.

Saving is love. It is happiness, however fleeting,

Saving is more than living… more than simply breathing.

- Zebra Priestess - Chapter 10 - Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia

Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia Cover by AlmanacP
FOELTC (10) Chapter Ten
Based on Fallout: Equestria by Kkat.

Set YEARS before Littlepip ever set her first hoof from her Stable. The sins of the past resonate in more lands than Equestria, and in more hearts than those of ponies. Intrigue, mystery and death follow those that some may call heroes, but one among them could never accept that title.

This is Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia.

And the Wasteland is not your friend.

Read here:

Foreword (for those that have not read the original foe by kkat): FOELTC () Foreword *skip if read Kkats original*
Intro/Prologue: FOELTC (0) Intro
Chapter One: FOELTC (1) Chapter One
Chapter Two: FOELTC (2) Chapter Two
Chapter Three: FOELTC (3) Chapter Three
Chapter Four: FOELTC (4) Chapter Four
Chapter Five: FOELTC (5) Chapter Five
Chapter Six: FOELTC (6) Chapter Six
Chapter Seven: FOELTC (7) Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight: FOELTC (8) Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine: FOELTC (9) Chapter Nine 
Chapter Ten: [You Are Here]

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Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia - Chapter 10 Excerpt

Wewe si punda…” A voice said. It was female, it was curious. I stirred as wakefulness approached like a hazy fog that slowly entered my mind. I felt like I’d been underwater. Not wet and drowning, but the pressure, the weight… and I was now rising to the surface

I slowly opened my eyes. My eyes fell on sky-blue ones. She cocked her head. Her shock of white hair flopped from over one eye to the other. Her ear was adorned with two small rings and patched with dark tips. Her muzzle was dark too up to the bridge, and then her face drew into a satin-white with two dark stripes across either cheek. I saw a glint of gold and noticed her neck adorned a singular circlet. I wondered for a moment what those rings meant, if anything at all.

She looked at me curiously. She was shorter than some of the other Zebra’s I’d met, younger it seemed; and she gazed at me with youthful curiosity. “Unafanya nini hapa?” She asked.

I could tell it was a question by the tone, but I had no idea what she was asking me. “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Zebrican.” I tried to tell her. I took note of where I was; I was tied to a pole again in a tent, and it seemed this time I was bound much tighter, and with a sinking feeling I remembered I didn’t have my scalpel anymore to help cut my ropes.

Sijui wewe…” She replied and almost seemed to pout. “Je! Huesema Swahili kabisa?”

I looked at her and, with my vision still swimming a little from the drug I’d breathed in, I shook my head. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

She was visibly upset at this. Her face screwed up in determination, she sat on her hunches, closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating on something. “N-name… be… Ukoo.”

My eyes widened. “Ukoo?” I asked, pronouncing it like ‘u-ku’.

Her eyes opened and she gave me an unimpressed look. Suddenly her hoof flicked my ear sharply. “Ouch!” I protested, shaking my head.

“Ukoo.” She said slowly, pronouncing it ‘u-ku-oh’.

“Ukoo.” I repeated back.

She was particularly happy about me getting this right. She then started jabbing me in the chest excitedly. For a flash of a second, I was annoyed, then I realised what she wanted. “Oh, my name is ‘Tome Tale’.” I put emphasis on my name and slowed it down for her so she could follow it.

She mouthed it a few times before saying, “Toe-ma-ta-ler?”

This time I gave her a look. I told her my name again, and she seemed to think about it. “Toe-ma Tale?”

Well at least she got the surname down, I thought. “Good enough.” I told her with a smile.

She smiled happily before trying to concentrate again. “Why… here?” She asked, pointing at my chest again.

It occurred to me she likely didn’t grasp directive pronouns like ‘you’, which would make this awkward. “I don’t know.” I told her honestly, not sure if she’d be able to understand me.

Suddenly there was a sound outside that drew her attention. She panicked for a moment and pushed her hoof to my chest. “Rudi baadaye, ah…” She struggled for a moment before saying one word. “Sleep!” She said it with a bit of a hiss.

I took it for a warning and immediately closed my eyes enough that it would appear as though I were sleeping, though my left eye was open the slightest crack to watch what was going on. I watched her blurred form jump up and head to the tent opening. I heard a gruff voice from outside of a Zebra I didn’t think I’d met yet.

Ulikuwa unafanya nini huko?” He asked gruffly. His silhouette was taller than her, probably older, perhaps a guard. “Unajua huruhusiwi huko.” He sounded stern.

I heard her give a nervous answer. “Nilikuwa nikiona kama angehitaji maji lakini amelala.”

He saw the flap get pushed aside and the gruff Zebra poked his head in. His eyes found me. The glared for a moment. I couldn’t quite see his features, but I thought I might have seen a beard. He seemed satisfied with what he saw and pulled his head from the entrance and back to Ukoo. “Kurudi kwenye masomo yako.” He barked at her, and I heard the sound of her galloping away. The stallion poked his head in again, but only for a moment before I heard him trotting away as well. He pulled back and I was left alone in the tent with my thoughts.

Chapter 10 Excerpt - Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia

"I looked up at the Zebra on the throne again. He was still smiling. I felt a wave of hatred boil through me and my eyes narrowed into a glare. I spit at him, my saliva was red with blood and the spittle drooped down his cheek, staining his white fur. Much like my attack, he remained unmoved. He reached up and casually wiped the spittle away before leaning back in his chair and taking on a relaxed posture.

“You are quite the hero.” He spoke, his accent was thick, but he spoke with confidence. I could already tell by his pronunciation that he had a stronger grasp of the Equestrian language than most of his subordinates.

The word ‘hero’ set my teeth on edge and seemed to affect me more than the beating had. I spat again, this time on the ground at his feet (though I admit, it was mainly to clear my mouth so I could speak). “I’m no hero.”

The zebra raised his brow and let out a mirthful laugh. “Then you play well at being one.” He grinned. He raised his hoof to those that held me; “basi aende.”

Their hooves immediately let me go and I dropped to the ground, grunting a little as I realised how much every inch of me hurt. I slowly pulled myself to my hooves and looked up at the Zebra again.

“I am Njano Mlezi. I am Kaisari wa Wengi. Or as your tongue has crowned me, ‘Caesar of the Legion’.” "

This chapter is still in progress.

Fallout Equestria: Letters to Celestia Cover by AlmanacP


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"I believe the stories we tell are of vital importance. They link us to the thousands of years of history and to an array of potential futures; they let us empathize with the experiences of people we’ve never met, and reveal the fantastic experiences of beings who never existed. Our culture lives in our stories… the accumulation of values, hopes, conflicts, knowledge, dreams, and fears. Stories are the fingerprints of humanity - unique patterns that bear testament to everything we’ve seen and learned and lived."
— Daniel H. Wilson, I, Robot Preface, on Issac Asimov.

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