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Animals and People



Los animales nos dan compañia, cariño, amor, fidelidad, respeto y nos entregan sus vidas, en cambio la gente a veces se lo paga con maltrato, desprecio y abandono.
Los animales no son objetos, estan vivos y necesitan unos cuidados y un cariño, no podemos tratarlos como si fueramos los dueños de sus vidas si tenemos alguno en casa, porque cuando les abrimos la puerta de nuestro hogar nos comprometemos a cuidar de ellos, y no tenemos ningun derecho a pegarles ni a humillarles poniendoles ropa o pintandoles el pelo de rosa.
Son animales, no juguetes
Animals give us company, affection, love, loyalty, respect and give us their lives, while people sometimes pays with abuse, scorn and neglect.
Animals are not objects, are alive and need more care and affection, we can not treat them as if they owned their lives if they have any at home, because when we open the door of our home we are committed to caring for them, and we have no right to hit them or humiliate them by putting clothes and dyed his hair pink.
They are animals, not toys
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*Sigh* How I wish most people would think like this. Really there is so much neglect and abuse toward animals in the world and it is very saddening. I find it so bothering that people would say animals are soulless creatures that can't think like us. It is true that they can't think as strongly as us, but they are capable of emotion and understanding. Our pets, are always there to give comfort and support. They may be bothersome but so are other people. And when people put the blame on the animal it is really their fault. A person gets killed by an animal, it's their fault for not being careful. When alien animals are spreading like wildfire and taking away everything, who brought them here? All the fault falls on the humans who believe they are far superior and can do whatever we want. If we are not involved then it is simply nature doing what she does. Even though some animals kill each other they do it for survival, that is how it works for centuries. But not once was an animal tortured by another animal, it is only when a parasite is involved and they are hated by both animals and humans. So if we torture and abuse animals would that not mean we are parasites? Enough with who is superior, let's all live in a world where we don't have to fight. If some animals can do that why can't we do it?