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Because we all love Koji
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To do List

:bulletgreen: swanna, ducklett, ducklett, ducklett, psyduck
:bulletgreen: jinx atraccion fea ewww
:bulletgreen: pony jessica & roger
:bulletgreen: skelanimal pony
:bulletgreen: cerditos erizos ranitas belugas delfines buhos aliens conejitos pandas ovejitas tortuguitas golosinas
:bulletgreen: esqueleto caballo, esqueleto pony galopando
:bulletgreen: humanized Fish, Cotton, Gin y Cassandra
:bulletgreen: pony monster high y BJDs

:star: ponikemon avatars :star:

:star: Ponikemon families:
:bulletgreen: treecko
:bulletgreen: chikorita
:bulletgreen: vulpix
:bulletgreen: garchomp
:bulletgreen: axew
:bulletgreen: cyndaquil
:bulletgreen: pidgey

:heart: Para vender :heart:

- "I believe in unicorns"
- frutitas
- caras animalitos

padre maltratador, hijo asustado defiende madre
guerras - parto - fusilado - madre y bebe (wonderful)
Gin camada no deseado bolsa rio comienzo

- remake bat puppies (cachorro y adulto)
- dragones
- kirins
- caballos-unicornios chibi

- remake creencias
- conejitos botella amor imposible
- ninfas de tierra y agua faunos centauros hadas flores
- ranitas everywhere

Cosas que mejorar:
- los fondos
- la anatomia humana
- los unicornios
- la cara de los lobos y el pelo
- los retratos "realistas"

Organizar Tiempo y temas
- temas de dibujo diferenets mes a mes

Cuestionario "cuanto sabes de Koji?"

preguntar editorial santillana

Concurso "diseña un monstruo"

pegatinas cute

adoptables por dinero - adoptables unicos ficha datos


Detailed lineart, simple shading, no background
Detailed lineart, full shading and lights, simple background
Detailed lineart, full shading and lights, full detailed background.

$30 commissions open, 2 slots

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2019, 7:42 PM

link | link | link | link
link | link | link | link | link

Hey guys!
I'll update the prices list eventually, I had to raise the prices a bit because I improved the lines a lot since my latest commissions with the "new" wacom, and because now all the money I got is to pay fees and my book advertising. For the moment I'll only open 2 slots because I don't want to accept massive commissions to enter in panic and leave people waiting for months, you don't have to suffer my anxiety silly things.

Right now I want to draw sexy devils, girls or trans girls if possile! I won't pick the first one who comment or something, but I'll pick the characters I find more interesting/fun to draw, so it's your chance to show your best characters!
If you don't have specific devil characters I can adapt them into devils. It can be a portrait of yourself or a friend of you! I hope I'm not being a pain in the ass to you with all this stuff haha :p

Payments via Paypal please, leave a comment with your character(s) and I'll be watching them! Let me show you some examples of how the commissions will look:

- Slot 1: avaliable
- Slot 2: avaliable


Mermay Day 1
Bloody Valentine by Almairis CrystalBeastie96K Challenge by Almairis The Lazy kid: The Book by Almairis Twisted Princess: Corruption by Almairis Twisted Princess Book Cover by Almairis

:star: My illustrated book avaliable on AMAZON:… :star:

:star: Commissions OPEN again! Please read this journal for more info, only 2 slots avaliable!

I'm really late to this year's Mermay because of terrible personal problems, but it's already here!!

:youtube:  Don't miss my speedpaint videos!:…

- .:Bullet:. Patreon  you can support me on PATREON!:
:youtube:  You can follow me on YOUTUBE!:…
Instagram New Icon  You can follow me on INSTAGRAM!:…
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[OPEN AUCTION] Bruma (+video) by Almairis [OPEN AUCTION] Jade Kirin by Almairis  [OPEN AUCTION] Celine the Spring Unicorn by Almairis  [OPEN AUCTION] Blue Jay Kirin by Almairis

Lineart & Color by me :iconhga-pointsadoptables:
Unique Linearts!!

:star: Rules :star: (PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING)

:bulletblack: type "lust" if you have read the rules

:bulletblack: To bid, please reply to my commet of "BIDDINGS HERE" in this deviation, not in the general comments. It should be the first (or last) one.
:bulletblack: Auction will end 48 hours after the last bid
:bulletblack: Points or Paypal accepted

:star: 1) Avaliable . Current highest bid: $35 by :iconlild12702:
:bulletblack: Starting bid: 3500 :points: or $35 by :iconlild12702:
:bulletblack: min. bid: 100 :points: or $1
:bulletblack: Autobuy: 10000 :points: (click on the "purchase button 2 times) or $100

:youtube:  Here's my latest seedpaint video! You can see it here:…

- .:Bullet:. Patreon  you can support me on PATREON!:
:youtube:  You can follow me on YOUTUBE!:…
Instagram New Icon  You can follow me on INSTAGRAM!:…
Twitter  You can follow me on TWITTER!:


Almairis's Profile Picture
Almudena Doncel



:bulletgreen: My commissions are OPEN! :bulletgreen:

:bulletpink: Max. 3 characters per slot please
:bulletpink: I always work hard on the commissions and don't take me long to finish them, but please keep it mind I'm not a machine, and please respect other people's turns :)

..................................... Commissions Info by Almairis....................................

Pay to my paypal
or send me the points as a donation

Note me if you are interested

remember to pay upfront, please :)

Commissions list

:star: do you need some promotion?…

Actual Contest: (none at the moment)

:bulletgreen:Commissions: open
:star: Slots

1: empty
2: empty
3: empty
4: empty
5: empty
6: empty
7: empty
8: empty
9: empty
10: empty
11: empty
12: empty
13: empty
14: empty
15: empty

:bulletred:Commissions for :points:: Closed
:bulletred:Requests: closed
:bulletred:Art Trades: Closed
:bulletgreen: Collaborations: with :iconbeffana:, with :iconshidus:
:bulletred:Special Offers: No one for now

:heart: You all have my permission to upload my works in your facebook, tuenti and where you want (except deviantart), but please credit me! thanks^^ :heart:


About Me

When you buy an artbook, do you prefer ir to be written on first or third person? 

61 deviants said I prefer First person
44 deviants said I prefer Third person


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