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VisuStella Project Outbreak: School Horror


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There's something more fun to imagine when it comes to creating a school on your map, and it's even better if it's a horror school!

Visustella School Horror Vol 1 is a well crafted pack to create schools from preschool and up! It features Tile sets, Character walking sprites, Door animations and more! From students back packs to blood-flooding toilets, this pack includes fun details to give your school map some chilling personality and charm. Whether you're looking to create a horror school, or simply wish for a greater variety of tiles, Visustella School Horror Vol 1 is a great addition to your growing library of RPG resources.

The pack contains 48x48 graphics with tall character sprites.

Contains the following assets:

  • Sample Project File.
  • Tile A2 / Tile A4 / /Tile A5 (grounds, concrete surface, floor, wall etc.)
  • Tile B, Tile C, Tile D, Tile E (staircase, windows, foodcourt counter, lunch, bookcase, locker, desks and chairs, benches, shoe rack, written and unwritten boards, backpacks on hook, cracks or holes, toys, computers, piano, garbage cans, toilets, sink with blood / water flooding, blood stains and much more!)
  • Character: 228 walking sprites (48 male teachers, 48 female teachers with 2 outfits = 96, 32 male students, 48 female students, 4 young students)
  • Character: 24 Faceset images for students
  • Animation: Doors for gym x 5, Regular Doors x 9
  • System: windowskins x 2 sheets
  • PSD file of the ground tiles to rearrange or edit easily!
  • Tiled Compatible Assets.

This asset pack is not restricted to RPG Maker!

  • The Demo is for non-commercial use only.
  • The Paid asset pack can be used for commercial games.
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