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the very thought of it makes me lose sleep

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My poor child being miserably alone again. He can't help that the thought of his dead family bothers him every night. :L 
Every night each scene, each death, plays over and over inside his head, keeping him up at night. (But, the death that killed him the most was that of Jason, his little brother.) That and that alone really explains the eye bags and dark circles, if you ever meet him. He's a sad, sad child when he's alone. He just needs a hug, really. BUT HE WONT FRICKING ADMIT IT GODDAMMIT.

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EDIT: "All suffering is caused by greed." You may think "well, when someone dies, people are sad because they left." And you're right, but that is because those people want the dead person back. They want them back for themselves. Therefore, they're greedy, and they suffer.
    What that has to do with this piece is: Allen, my poor Venom Revolver, is a greedy boy. He grieves and cries nearly every night because he wants his family back. He doesn't like living without his brothers and parents. You think your parents and siblings are annoying? Try watching them die when you feel small and completely helpless. Devastating. 
    V's mom died when he was 15, shot by a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W. His little brother, Jason, died when V was 17, shot by an insane Killjoy on the skirts of Bat City. The Killjoy that dusted V's little brother was dehydrated and had recently suffered a sunstroke. Venom watched those two die, but, on the contrary, V's older brother and father, Bruno and William, had suffered crucial zap wounds, but survived, though he was told they are dead. Venom still believes, to this day, that all his family is frickin' dead.

And I'd like to note that while this is one of my more serious pieces, I'm not going through a heccin' depression or anything, a'ight? I'm passed that. I was just thinking about how Al's family is dead (so it seems to him) and wanted to give a little more of an explanation on that.
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There's always someone worse off then you, kids. Think about that the next time you're ungrateful for something. Your parents love you, whether they show it or not.