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Hello! <3

On the 29th of October, I got my very first tattoo! I didn't mention it on here before, mostly because I was scared I would end up chickening out or something. ^^; But, in reality, I've been making plans for this guy since August!

It is exactly as the title says, Anubis, and for anyone who doesn't know who that is, he is the Ancient Egyptian God of death/funerals/embalmment. : ) He is on the right side of my chest, and is the first half of my light vs dark themed chest piece. On the 19th of November, I'll be getting Horus on the left side of my chest, facing Anubis.

It looks really sore and painful here, but that's because I took that picture just a few hours after having it done. xD Its gotten a lot better now, and it's well on its way to being completely healed. I got it done at an awesome tattoo place here in NL called Studio Maxx~


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Thank you! : )
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Whoa, mad cool!! I love it!! :heart: I seriously love Anubis!
I can't wait to see Horus, he's really cool, too.

I have a few tattoos in mind that I really want to get myself, I just never get around to things. I want to go down to a place around my town that has vegan inks.
Now I'm tempted to get an Egyptian tattoo, like maybe the lioness goddess Sekhmet.
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Thanks so much! : ) I'm glad you like it! <3

I love Anubis, too, haha...and Horus, and pretty much anything ancient Egyptian, haha. xDDD I have somewhat of an obsession.

Yes, you should totally go check it out! Getting tattoos isn't nearly as painful as people say it is, by the way...but I suppose it depends on your level of pain tolerence. (Any girl that can handle period cramps can handle a tattoo, LOL )

That would be very cool! : ) I would also like to get the eye of Horus symbol. <3 It's really pretty, and it can be small enough to put in a small area like the wrist or something. <3
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YES. I'm not the only Egyptophile. :D Yeah, I love Ancient Egypt, it was just plain awesome.

For real! Women know pain, we got it covered. :XD:

That'd be awesome, you should totally get that somewhere! I've considered getting the Ankh, since it's also small and I love it.
When I can really afford a big one, I want to get wings styled from the second Crow movie ([link]) done in light blue on my back. And I have this dragon-and-mask design in mind that I want on my left shoulder.
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Oh, not at all! :D I love Ancient Egypt! I plan to write a novel set in one of those time periods. <3

Hahaha, for sure. ;)

Yeah, I like the Ankh, too. <3 Very cool. And oooh, that's a very awesome design! It would look great as a tatt. : ) You should get one of them done!
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Oh my goodness, that'd be awesome! I'd love to read that. :heart:

Yeah, I can't wait 'til I can get some ink done! :D I really need to, all my bros are gettin' tats--I need to get my butt on the ball, lol!
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Thank you so much! :aww: Haha!

You should totally go for it, lol! <3 It's totally worth the pain/money, haha!
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Wow, I saw this on Facebook. How hardcore are you?
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Hahahaha, Skander. xDD Not hardcore at all, really! I just love body art, honestly. : )
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Just kidding. But it does look good on you.

And...I couldn't help but remember this song by Weird Al when I saw it:
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Thank you! : )

And HAHA. I love Weird Al, he's so fantastic. :heart:
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I've loved him for years, hahaha. xD Always good for a laugh! :lol: <3
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Totally! My sisters find it annoying that I like his song parodies so much, but I can't help it. He teases my funny bone in all the right ways :lol: :XD:
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Hahaha! I love him too, I feel the same way. xDDD
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Thanks, bro! <3 For the fave, as well!
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No probs bro!
I'm gonna read your new story once I get to a normal computer, my phone is to trolly. LOL :manhug:
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So, so gorgeous :heart:.
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:hug: Thank you! : )
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