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Metal Texture

Metal texture, feel free to use. If you get a chance leave me a comment on what you did with it. I like to see how my work can be used in different pieces of art.


*Apologies for the small resolution, this was done years ago when even the best monitors only went up to 1280x1024.
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As long as I properly credit you, would it be alright for me to change the color of this texture should I use it?
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Not sure how you made this, but I have found it extremely useful! I make virtual products for IMVU, and I use this almost every time I need a basic silver metal texture. So far the best thing I've created with it is this ultra-gothicky silver raven skull ring. Hope you like, and thanks! ツ
See ~~~>…
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Hi, I used this texture to help with a composite I did. maverickmogulthe4th.deviantart…

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Hello! I used this texture to make a product for IMVU.
See ~~~>…
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Hey, ill use this in my Bachlor Thesis AR App, for the Torus of the Basket for a basketball game :)
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I used this on the album artwork for my new song "Locksmith," haha xD……
Thank you!I was looking for this for month.
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I used your texture here

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Hi, thank's for the great texture, I used it here in this piece: 

Hope you don't mind.

thanks for the texture used it here
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Thank you so much for allowing this to be a free texture it is so very helpful. I am using it in an animation I am working on of a little robot in a garage, this is perfect for some of the background objects. I will send you the animation and jpegs of the items I used it on, If this makes it my portfolio credit will be given! Thank you once again!
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