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Allys Hair Bow Tutorial

By allychan
Phew! Finally finished. I love bows, they go really well with lolita, and they're in style right now...

...If used right. :P


If you guys have any questions, suggestions, or tips - let me know! :)

**I'm always also looking for other tutorial ideas. So speak up!
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elven-soul's avatar
i see chi in the background ^w^
xPunkxKatx's avatar
Perfect for Stocking Anarchy! Thank you! :3
Saya-Megumareta's avatar
Wow this tutorial it's fantastic!
allychan's avatar
Thank you :) I have a new method I need to record/upload!
i-like-cookies-xx's avatar
Could you do one on a lolita Ball Jointed Doll? The bow looks adorable on you by the way!~
allychan's avatar
You can, just remember to change the size ratio (Obviously XD ) I don't own a doll so I cant give measurements :<

Maybe instead of making the middle section by yourself though, just buy a thin ribbon.
TaraTrance's avatar
How much do you say I should use of fabric for a neck bow using your tutorial?

It's very helpful btw.
LuvviesAndRoxanneROX's avatar
Great job!!! I will now have a bow for my Rin Kagamine cosplay. XP All I need is the shorts, little belt thingy, and shoes. -^.^-
skittynya's avatar
ADORABLE! hehe I cant wait to make some giant hair bows x3
Vanilla-Tiger's avatar
Thank you for the lovely tutorial! It's very good for us Lolitas who are only just starting their sowing. <=D
allychan's avatar
You're quite welcome!!! It can be really difficult starting you know? @.@''

:) I'm glad this helped! Yay Bow's!
gabbyv23's avatar
Thank you very much!I needed to make a bow for my orihime cosplay ^^
allychan's avatar
Oh im glad it helped someone!

Good luck on your cosplay! =]
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