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My Tinkerhell Tattoo

This is my tattoo!!!!! I love it so much!! Its on my right thigh, it didn't hurt at all either! Its a tribal Tinkerbell I got from here [link] and I added the tail and horns to it, I also thickened the lines so it was more visible. The kanji symbol on the side is Japanese for "Life", it was symbolic to me. lol my leg is greasy cause it had stuff on it from the tattoo place, I'm not sweating I swear LOL!!

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Thank you so much :)
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I stumbled on to this image and it may be a bit too late... But I wanted to tell you that putting any kind of medicinal topical like Polysporin or Neosporin is bad for a tattoo. It pulls the color out of your skin.

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Aww thanks for telling me, the guy who did it told me to put it on the first night only, so thank goodness i did that once, but thanks so much, I will def keep that in mind ^_^!!!!!!!
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nice tat allybear!
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Aww thank you Andy ^_^!!!
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Ally, I didn't know you got a tattoo!
I have to see it in person.
You have to see mine too! :D
We should go get more together, muaha.
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Aww OMG yess!!!! Can we please go soon and get one?!!!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah right, you are just trying to cover it up. I think personally I would have went with Rafiki (lion king) because he's such a bamf. I do really like the style of this though.
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lol ya haha! Really eh, Rafiki haha he's SO funny lol!! Thank you though ^_^!!! I'm getting a Triforce in a couple of weeks too haha!!
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Nice, you better make it interesting. haha
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Haha thank you, I will, its the Triforce after all, its a glorious symbol ^_^!!
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