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Constable VonDark by Allyatharii Constable VonDark by Allyatharii

Constable VonDark
Edward before he is corrupted by dark void magic

After his mountain village is raided by a vampire (Jules, who then summons Lemoneyes with Ed's sisters decapitated head) Edward is left orphaned and is eventually found weeks after and adopted by the police orphanage of the nearest town, Regnborg. He rises quickly through the ranks once of age, serving his mandatory years of service as payment for his upbringing and training. Ed enlists by interest in the unit that hunts non-benign entities (monsters and beasts) Training with vengeance against Jules as his fuel.

Having studied dark magic illegally to give him an edge in a seemingly futile hunt versus a particularly savage and sinister beast, being frustrated at the legal constraints he is under, he eventually takes things too far during an operation and ends up in a dire situation his superiors barely manage to save him from, taking heavy casualties to do so. For his insubordination, though alive and scarred all over, Ed is given a dishonorable discharge and subsequently left Regnborg to return to the remains of his village, where now only a handful of people have re-settled. There, with his old family house partly restored and functioning as a base he took up the hunt for Jules and eventually learned about the nature of her summoning of Lemoneyes using his sister as sacrifice, further deepening his trauma, and making her his goal to hunt and kill to have revenge on his family and older sister whom he adored beyond all other things.

All while slowly and painfully paying the price of the dark void magic that powers him, which eats him from within...

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flippedoutkyrii Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great character and slick dialogue c:
Allyatharii Featured By Owner 3 hours ago
BorderGirlxXx Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2019
she looks great! very interesting
Allyatharii Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2019
the name of the character is edward
and i constantly use he/his/him in the descriptions

its a boy
hes a cis boy
BorderGirlxXx Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2019
Omg sorry, I’m dumb
he still looks lovely
tubi4 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019
Great work Persona 4 Yosuke Gif icon 
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