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Random Favourites

Hypertile Basics
First of all, special thanks to Zueuk who had the patience to explain me all the hypertile stuff =D
There is also an awesome hypertile tutorial that you should check out first: Hypertile Uncovered With 3D
To make a basic hypertile, you will need 2 transforms: Basic hypertile
hypertile2, rotated 180 degreesbubble (small amount, about 0.25 lets say) with pre_blur

The exact bubble size to fill a hypertile can be calculated exactly, or you can just change the amount of bubble until it fits.
The hypertile has two parameters, p and q. Basically, this means it takes p-gons, with q polygons meeting at each vertex (this do
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Tutorial: Understanding Crackle by pillemaster Tutorial: Understanding Crackle :iconpillemaster:pillemaster 86 15 Tree tutorial by French-Chocolaite Tree tutorial :iconfrench-chocolaite:French-Chocolaite 19 12
Coloring in Apophysis - Part 3
A brief guide to coloring in Apophysis. A Chaotica tutorial on the subject coming out soon too =D
Special thanks to BoxTail for reminding me about an important tool the dummy here forgot to add.
(and yeah, all example images shamelessly rendered in chaotica because it is handier).
Last but not least, if you fancy the gradient i used as example here, you can download it from:

Lets go back to the adjustments window, this time on the render tab.

1 - Gamma

Gamma basically defines how "solid" will your fractal look. Low gamma will result in more translucid, shiny and higher contrast appearence, while higher gamma values will result in more solid and flat stuff.




Tip: if your fractal is made of shiny edges only, try increasing gamma. It may re
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Coloring in Apophysis - Part 2
A brief guide to coloring in Apophysis. A Chaotica tutorial on the subject coming out soon too =D
Last but not least, if you fancy the gradient i used as example here, you can download it from:

Coloring - Editor

Now that we are done with the gradient, lets explore the Colors tab in the editor.

We will see how transform color, color speed and opacity work.
1 - Opacity

Opacity is the opacity of the transform. Opacity 0 means it will be entirely transparent, and opacity 1, entirely opaque. Lets change the opacity of one of the transforms:
opacity = 0                                   opacity = 1

This setting is very handy when you cannot remove a transform (impor
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Coloring in Apophysis - Part 1
A brief guide to coloring in Apophysis. A Chaotica tutorial on the subject coming out soon too =D
Special thanks to BoxTail for reminding me about an important tool the dummy here forgot to add.
Last but not least, if you fancy the gradient i used as example here, you can download it from:

Adjustment window
To change or edit your gradient, you will use the Adjustment window. To open it, click on the gradient button under the menu.

A new window will open:

1 - Getting a new gradient

There are 4 basic ways to change your gradient:

Presets: click on the Preset button to view a huge list of built-in gradients.Gradient Browser (first button on the right): allows to load user created gradients. You can download some nice packs
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Double Bubble in Chaotica
As people seemed interested, i decided to adapt the Double Bubble Tut by piethein21 for Chaotica.
The following tutorial is just a translation of the original tuto, and all credit for developing the technique and spreading it goes to piethein21
Double Bubble in Chaotica
Start with an empty world (left), and then switch to the world editor (right):

Once in the editor, add 5 new iterators, by clicking the New Iterator button 5 times.

Now, select the Iterator 1 in the node editor. Click on the transforms node, add a new transform by clicking the New Tranform button on the top menu, and replace the default value with spherical in the transform type menu.

So we set a spherical tr
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Chaotica basics
Fractal Art
You have probably seen fractal artists mention Chaotica quite a few times - many people use it either standalone or as a renderer for the works they create in other software.

If you fancy IFS fractals and want to try making some, Chaotica is definitely on the list of software you should try.

You can download it from the website: There is a free version (with some resolution restrictions), so new users can try it out.
So... Grab it, run the installer or unzip the archive and hit the blue flower icon :dummy:
Getting started
This will be the first thing you see in Chaotica:

Just click one of those randoms to have something cool to start with. Or, if none appeals to you, close this window and hit the New Random Worlds button for more.
In the main window, you can set your render settings (on the left on picture above), su
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Common Frameworks 2: Elliptic Splits
Today, we will quickly learn how to make a simple Elliptic Splits Framework in Chaotica.
To do this tutorial, you will need Chaotica.
1. Elliptic Splits

First, lets take a look at how the elliptic splits base fractal look:

2. Elliptic
How the Elliptic transformation works? Take a look at the picture below. It features a single iterator, with a blur (gaussian + radial_gaussian) on pre_transform and Elliptic  transform:

Elliptic creates a vertical stripe centered on 0,0 and 2 units wide.
3. Splits
Splits, as the name says, split the plane. It has 2 variables, splits_x and splits_y. Setting x to a non null value will create a vertical split, and y, a horizontal split.
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Common Frameworks 1: Tiles
Today, we will quickly learn how to make simple Tiles in Chaotica.
To do this tutorial, you will need Chaotica and Chaoshelper.
1. Tiles
Here, we have 3 examples of tiles:
2. Simple Base
It is easier to use a simple base to set up the tile, and then replace it with something more elaborate.
Create a new empty World (File >> New Empty World), and switch to the Editor. Add a new iterator, and add a Square tranform to it. I set the square amount to 0.8 so the resulting square is 0.8 units wide.

3. Tiling Time
Now, add 4 iterators with linear transforms, and position their affines as on the picture below: 1 unit right, 1 up, 1 left, and 1 down. You can use snap to grid
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Response Curves Tricks and Tips
A few tips and tricks on how to use curves to make your images pretty.
Disclaimer: the images below are not models of perfect curves, but just rough examples of some settings i find helpful.
Also, those are not any close to all possible magic things you can do with curves. Explore ^^
Add contrast to a light Image

Lets say you have a light image with few contrast.

Moving down the dark tones and maybe midtones nodes of the Overall curve will add contrast to it:

Make a dark image brighter

We may also want to do it the other way around: make a very dark image a bit brighter.

Had to go a bit crazy to lighten this up:

green Lights and purple shadows

You can also use the Green curve to add
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Imaging in Chaotica - Part 2: Response Curves
Today, a bit more about imaging in Chaotica.
Mostly curves <3

Lets take a closer look at curves:


Curves basically re-map the brightness values: for example, make bright pixels brighter or darker by just adjusting the curve.

The horizontal axis is the original brightness (before editing), while the vertical is the new brightness. The tones are distributed as follows: dark tones closer to the origin, and light tones far from the origin.
The image above shows the curves before any changes. See that before and after values are equal, since no changes were made yet. 
Basically, if you drag a node up, lets say, it will make the corresponding tones brighter. For example, dragging up the top node (light tones) will make highlights brighter, and dragging down the bottom node (dark tones) will darken the dark areas. On t
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Imaging in Chaotica - Part 1
Today, lets explore the Chaotica Imaging widget.

Brigtness (tonemapping)

As the name says, brightness controls how bright your image is. The effect of brightness will also depend on 1/gamma setting (for high values of 1/gamma, brightness will have less impact on the image).
You can either type in values, click on the up and down arrows or click on the arrows and drag.
Brightness effect on a gnarl:

1/Gamma (tonemapping)

People usually call it just Gamma. Increasing Gamma will basically make your fractal flame more solid.
Low Gamma may create some excessively bright spots.
High Gamma may introduce noise and artifacts (areas that would be almost transparent with lower gamma values will become visible). Also, may make the image look flat by reducing the contrast.
Look how increasing Gamma affects the gnarl:

Now on this imag
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How to find out what a transform does
Not really a tutorial this time, just some exploration ideas.
There is no extensive guide to all transforms and plugins. So how do people figure what they do? The way is to experiment, and there are some techniques that work quite well for me.
As examples, i will use spherical and loonie.
A short note

For all the mathods below, make sure you try the following:
Change all the variables and try different combos of themMove the pre affine of the transform aroundScale and rotate the pre affine
Add it as post transform to squares or circles

Start (from blank) with square or sineblur, and add the variation you want to try out as post transform.
Lets start with square:
default square                            spherical post_transform            loonie post_transform
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Gradient Effect in Chaotica
In this tutorial, i will explain how to make a fading gradient background effect in Chaotica, as it was done in this work, for example:

The technique can be easily adapted to Apophysis (using either custom plugins or linked transforms).
Also, if you have any trouble with the World Editor, please check my Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.
Gradient Background Effect
You can use this technique on almost any parameters. The only requirement is to have at least one iterator with blur. For the tutorial example, i will use a random world below:

The first step is to switch to World Editor and add a new iterator (use the "new iterator" button on top of the editor window). Here, it is the iterator 6:

Select the transforms node, and click on the "ne
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Motion Blur Stills with Chaotica
A quick and very underused technique to create blur effects.
The principle is simple: you create a short animation and, instead of rendering it entirely, just render one frame, which will be your final artwork.
Step 1: you need some parameters to animate. I used a simple plastic with only 2 transforms.

Step 2: Open the animation editor (Ctrl+T or Window > Animation Editor). Set total length to some reasonably amount of time. I use 30-60sec currently, since its short enough to not get lost and long enough to have some room to tweak to control the blurring.
Exposure time controls the amount of motion blur. No worry much about getting the "right" value right now, since you can change it at any point.
Since we are only looking for one frame and not a full animation, there is no need to create many keyframes: 2 usually do the job. If, after making the animation, there are no frames that you like, you can just change one of th
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The end of the year

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 2:42 AM
draws near . . .
I fear
I've let it fly away
as yet another day
goes by
on silent wings
it drifts
into the past
and disappears

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