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Hey everyone,

Here's a little update on the state of Alluvial:

It's been a rough year in terms of evaluating my rewards to give the best value for your pledge. I'm constantly trying to figure out what's feasible at my level of functionality. Working with a disability is a very difficult thing to do, as my spoons can vary from day to day. I also need to make sure that the work I put in is worth what I'm being paid, as this is a business for me.

What I'd like to focus on in this last quarter of 2018 is growing my Patreon once more so that I can get to a point where I'm releasing 32bit content for Furcadia again. Right now, my total Patreon and Gumroad income amounts to less than I make doing a single avatar without portraits. I want to get to a point where I'm able to afford to consistently able to put out cool content so that my sponsors are also able to reap rewards beyond free sketches and commission discounts.

My original financial minimum for doing patch sets was $300. Right now, we're about halfway there! If we can get to that goal, I will be focusing my time and effort on those patch sets, come hell or high water, to release them regularly. I am not asking people to pledge more, or overextend themselves. I'm grateful for any and all support that you contribute! However, if there's anyone you know who is interested in 32bit content, I'd appreciate it if you could pass along word to help us get to our goal.

I want to keep this Patreon open so that I can continue to create and connect with my fans and supporters. The more income generated by this Patreon campaign, the less I need to rely on commissions, and the more I can focus on your rewards. Starting this month, if I can get to $150 a month of consistently clearing pledges, I promise to do a patch set OR a complete avatar with portraits every other month, depending on the results of a poll.

On the Gumroad front, due to low income, I cannot justify continuing the full body raffle. It's just not feasible for me to add to my workload for a fraction of what I'd normally charge versus the time it takes to illustrate a quality final product. Being on a fixed income means I need to be able to focus my efforts on what can pay my bills that go above and beyond my disability pay.

Lastly, I will be changing my $20 busts, which have been inconsistent in style, to full color portrait icons. These are not only easier and faster for me to create, but they are a great value at more than 50% off of what I would normally charge. Messages will go out for those shortly!


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