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Gallery Folders

I Love Mechs by Exoen144
Pointillism in Black and White with Marker NO. 01 by anime-master-96
Dark Souls Knight by SARGY001

Mature Content

Her little secret by rollarius55
Featured 2
Daenerys Targaryen - Mother of dragons by Artdevangins
Khaleesi by silent741
....................... by damianparlicki
River Deep Mountain High by grogersart
quick drawning by 0KAZ0

Mature Content

Nude Live Drawing 10.4.2021 1 by SpookyBoiArt

Mature Content

Nude Live Drawing 10.4.2021 2 by SpookyBoiArt

Mature Content

Nude Live Drawing 10.4.2021 3 by SpookyBoiArt
John Wayne in The Shootist-01 by stillarebel
Portrait-woman-pencil by zaboss3
Portrait by zaboss3
Dexter Season 2 by Cliffschannel
Color pencil
IU-LILAC Colour Pencil Drawing Art by EliNozomi
Happy World Autism Awareness Day! by FightingFlower
Cyberpunk #774 revisit by Inubashi
Gift - Valentine's Day 2021! by BlueWyst
Great Grey Owl by DrawingNynke
Rebecca Chambers by asabelmori
On the watch by DrawingNynke
Jake Muller  by asabelmori
Dark magic owl by happyhomeless
Agnien and The Long Taild Eagle by JozeRiva
Charcoal portrait by Helviriitta
Figure study drawing by Ciryu
Medabots: Veterans of the Darkdays Arc 2 - Page 29 by MidnightDJ-SK
[Tranquility] Messy Haircut by GilgaPhoenixIgnis
Pikachu in a Sableye Costume by mitchiegloria
Hades by SevenLivesOfLiz

Mature Content

Woman in veil by zaboss3
Chibi Ahri by kiwitee

Mature Content

Pola by Murabito-H
Spring Fever by Sara-Arasteh
Mixed Media
Time-Lapse: Easter Bunny #5 (Yellow) by RachaelGarcia
Backyards by JoshByer
Bricks and Stones by JoshByer
The Orange Path by JoshByer
portrait by koloushka
snip snip, bitch. by envandrare
The Church by Ciryu
Crayon A.K.A Oil Pastel
''Welcome!'' by asabelmori
Ball Point Pen
Arancinheart by freesoul93
Sculpture folder
Shark Trophy 2 by Alldoo
Artisan Crafts
Midnight Commission (glowing in the dark) by DeathMystery
Studies And Tutorials
Watercolour Process  +Want Some?+ by Noxmoony
Mixed Media 2
Kianga by Bandarai
Sketches 2
Johnny Bravo  by MINI0Nme
Graphite 2
3D Drawing - Cute monster by NAGAIHIDEYUKI
Colour Pencil 2
Zorojuro by SevenLivesOfLiz
Pastel 2
Soft by koloushka
Charcoal 2
Self Portrait Series #4 - Rachael Garcia by RachaelGarcia
Marker 2
Tempestdramon - A3 Painted Canvas by RasglowReborn
Water Colour 2
Fanart Kanna by Yinny1311
Painting 2
Abstract 255 by marakiO
Ink 2
Hatsune Miku by Elainuar
Prints 2
Trip to Cappadocia by MeinFragezeichen
Crayon 2
I AM NOT YOUR CHAIN DOG by Demon-of-Freedom
Ball Point Pen 2
Further fate of the streets of the Siberian town by Kristina3126
Sculpture 2
Practice by koloushka
Artisan Crafts 2
Inca Tern by marakiO
Studies 2
study (gouache) PEARS by Arch-tur









✧ G R O U P ✧ I N F O R M A T I O N ✧

- :groups: G R O U P ✧ R U L E S :groups: -

:bulletblack: P L E A S E ✧ R E A D ✧ R U L E S

:blackrose: Everyone that joins will be automatically accepted
:bulletblack: Please don't join and then leave the group as soon as you submit work. That's a dick move and I will remove your work.
:blackrose: No Spam, No Advertising. No one likes it and you will be blocked.
:bulletblack: No harassment or confrontations of any sort on this page. Do it elsewhere.
:blackrose: If you have any inquires or requests please message the group or tea-and-booty

- :groups: S U B M I T T I N G :groups: -

:blackrose: Submission limit is 4 per week.
:bulletblack: Traditional Art only. No digital.

:bulletblack: Do not submit unfinished works.

:bulletblack: NO BASES and by this I mean no direct copies of other artworks, traces, etc. Referencing is fine, as long as you credit.

- :groups: F O L D E R S :groups: -

:bulletblack: F E A T U R E D
The featured folder is only for the best artworks. Your artwork will be put in there by one of the admins if they believe it belongs in there OR if you believe your art work is good enough to be featured feel free to submit it in the featured folder.

:blackrose: S K E T C H E S / W.I.P
Although in the rules I said no unfinished works, you may submit them in this folder as long as they have "W.I.P" written somewhere on the art or in the description or title. This folder is also for sketches, you should all know what a sketch is, like a small sketched drawing done quickly. Here is a nice a example

:bulletblack: G R A P H I T E
This folder is for artworks done in graphite, lead pencil. This folder is for finished artworks only, sketches belong in the sketches folder and coloured works belong in the coloured pencil folder, obviously. Here is a nice example

:blackrose: C O L O U R E D ✧ P E N C I L
As the name implies, artworks done with coloured pencil. here is a nice example

:bulletblack: P A S T E L
Art works in this folder are done with pastel/chalk, predominantly coloured. Here is a nice example

:blackrose: C H A R C O A L
Very similar to chalk and pastel except its black, also not to be mistaken for graphite/lead. This folder is solely for black charcoal. Here is a nice example

:bulletblack: M A R K E R S
Artworks in this folder have been done in marker. Popular markers include Copics and Prismacolor. Here is a nice example

:blackrose: W A T E R C O L O U R
My favourite medium, very beautiful and free. this folder is for watercolour works done in mostly watercolour, the help of ink, fineliners, pens, any sort of thing like that is fine, as long as the art work is mostly done in watercolour. Here is a VERY nice example

:bulletblack: M I X E D ✧M E D I A
Really this folder is just for any combination of traditional medias in an artwork. If you use more than one medium and one isn't really more noticeable than the other, they are all used equally. Just a mixture of mediums really. Here is a nice example

:blackrose: P A I N T I N G
A popular medium. This folder is for artworks that have been painted with some type of paint, the most common ones are acrylic and oils and mainly done on a canvas. Do not confuse paintings with watercolours. Here is a nice example

:bulletblack: I N K
Do not confuse this with ballpoint pen. Ink drawings are mainly done with ink from a jar or they can be done with fine-liner pens (felt tips) They are mainly done in black or sepia. Here is a nice example

:blackrose: P R I N T S
Prints are typically made by carving the drawing into something such as lino, covering it in ink or paint then pressing/printing it onto paper or the desrivers surface. Print making isn't directly drawing something but really carving and transferring, its quite amazing (I explain it bad, but I am pretty sure you would know if your artwork is a print or not) Here is a nice example

:bulletblack: C R A Y O N
Done with crayons, simple as that. Do not confuse with pastels. Pastels are more chalk-like while Crayons are oily and waxy. Here is a nice example

:blackrose: B A L L ✧ P O I N T ✧ P E N
This folder is purely for any artwork done in ball point pen only (at least 90% of the artwork) Can be any colour, anything, as long as it is done in ball point pen. Here is a nice example

:bulletblack: S C U L P T U R E
This folder is for sculpture works such as those done in clay, Porcelain, wood, etc. Do not confuse with artisan crafts. The line between the two is blurry but, well, you all know what a sculpture is and what isn't (I hope) Here is a nice example

:blackrose: A R T I S A N ✧ C R A F T S
Artisan crafts folder is for a broad range of things but mainly it is crafts such as sewing, plushies, origami(and other paperworks), felting, jewellry making, carvings, small polymer works, beading, knitting, crocheting. Really it is any craft, anything you make or customize. It really is an umbrella term for a lot of things. Here is a nice example

:bulletblack: S T U D I E S ✧ A N D ✧ T U T O R I A L S
This is a new folder I made. It mainly for drawing studies (such as a hands study or anatomy) and tutorials of any kind such as drawing tutorials or crafts tutorials (like, how to sew a hat or something) Here is a nice study example Here is a nice tutorial example

:blackrose: Thank you for reading this. Please abide by the rules and message the group or any of the admins for help, requests or inquires. Follow the rules and everything will run smoothly for everyone :blackrose:


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