Sorry. On another deleting frenzy. For all those of you who have my textures and use them to enhance your images, I would still love to see them! BUT I am finding so many of my textures and overlays for sale ( yes, you heard right, for $ in someone else's pocket, not mine ) that I feel the only thing for me to do is delete, delete, delete. I hate that I can't share stuff without someone else thinking they can make money out of it! But I guess it is what it is. Much love to you all. x

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That's such a shame!  :(   I love your textures, and I'll keep buying them on Etsy when I can :)
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I am so sorry! I just figure that if others can make money from something I have offered freely, then I think I should too. Thank you so much for your support. x
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I completely understand!  Your resources are amazing, very much worth it!