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I find people abusing the texture rights I offer on here.

I have found my textures on these sites………………………

where they not only ignore my request that all downloads of my stock be from Deviant Art only, but couldn't even be bothered being polite and asking if they could add the texture sets to their site!
I have stated in my rules that this is a provision of using my stock. Why is it that all my beautiful Deviant art creators can respect my request, but total dicks like gfx and. downgate, d4share, etc. are above being honest and nice? Did their parents not bother to teach them any manners?

The thing that makes me super SUPER angry is that to get the downloads on some of these places, you have to pay a monthly fee!!! Why should they profit from my work??? Especially when I freely give it to you?

It is plain rude. All artists, whether they choose to share their work with the world or not, have to right to be treated fairly.
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I used on of your overlays as an overlay for a photo, Thank you so much, I love it!!!!
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You have every right to file a DMCA with their web host company. Most will have it removed within 24 hours. Fight for your copyrights; you deserve them.
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Greetings and empathy to AllThingsPrecious!  I am so sorry to hear that your lovely designs are being posted and sold without your permission.  It is very frustrating!  I do offer the comfort that your resources are not being stolen by others simply because you have kindly given them away for free.  The sites that you mentioned, and many others, are typical of sites that sell pirated resources.  The resources originally may have been free or very expensive, but they have all been stolen and then shared or sold (with not a penny going to the resource designer!!)

These pirate sites offer some things for free (all of which they have stolen from other people), but their money-making scheme is to get people to pay for a 'premium subscription' to get the more desirable pirated items.  These sites are run by people in many different countries, with varying copyright legislation, and they run their websites based in countries where prosecution  for copyright infringement is very difficult, particularly China, India and Russia.  All sorts of things get sold on these pirate websites. I think that it is indeed a very sad state of affairs.  You have my fullest sympathy. 

My own opinion, for what it is worth, is that sharing some resources within a good arts community is a very generous and good thing to do, and does indeed help build community in a world that is not always friendly.  My suggestion to you would be to continue to offer for free some resources you wish to share, but to sell as premium stock the resources in which you have invested a great deal of time and creative effort.  If you protect your best stock by making it premium, you at least reduce the ease with which pirate sites can steal your work.  I hope that this is helpful advice for you. 

On a personal note, whenever I download resources that people have generously shared, I always write a thank you comment to express my gratitude.  I am working on developing resources that I can share with the community, both on this site and on the digital scrapbooking site I like (I won't name it here in case pirate sites see the name!!).  I am still in the early stages of learning Photoshop,  but I am very proud that I have been able to create some digital scrapbooking pages that I can soon share!  Yay!

Best wishes to you!  Kind regards, Pamela in Ontario, Canada
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What a sweet reply! Thank you! I haven't added anything to my resources stock for quite some time. But thanks for your lovely comment and good luck with all the photoshop learning! It's such a fabulous way to spend time and create!!

Cheers! Sharon.
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I think the best thing you can do right now is to send an email invoice of $ 1000 to the sites you found with your work on it. You can find their official email addresses in the Who Is. Mention on your email invoice that you expect payment within 14 days and if you don't receive their payment within this period that you will send the invoice to the bailiff for collection without further notice.
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LOL! Excellent solution! I love it! Not that it will make much of a difference, but thank you for the advice!
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And this is a very good reason why I am so reluctant to post my stock here. The problem with people in this world today is, you offer them your little finger and they take the whole hand. Adding your stock, as premium stock, is the best way to go. This way, they can join and pay for what you offer them. This seems to curb the idea of stealing and may force people to respect your kindness. Unfortunately, one is forced to change the kindness that once was given. I am sorry, that they have done this to you.
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I understand that people always love a free download. I do too. It's just that it would have been nice if they simply emailed me and asked. Thats all. A couple of words and the click of a button. done.  It's just about having some manners.  I can't stand people without manners!!!

Thank you so much for your support! x
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I fully agree, people just don't consider the next person in this world anymore. You are very welcome, I hope people would just make an attempt to change their selfish ways.
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