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Vibrance Texture Pack

6 textures, all 30 x 30, in high resolution.

Don't upload them to another site. Do not resell them. Be respectful and don't claim them as yours. 

If your making money from them, as an overlay for your photographs, then CU is OK. It's not OK if your selling or using the textures as a whole to earn money, eg. on an app or in another texture pack. Just be respectful. 

Thats about all.



PLEASE be respectful and direct ALL uploaders to here.
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Thank you so much!  Your textures are lovely, and seem to glow with an inner light!  Thank you for sharing!
Thank You very much!!!
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i´m not sure if i ever use them, but thanx for sharing them for free... :D :D :D

...and a fine new year to you - greetings from snowy (at last) germany...
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Hi there!  No worries! Hope you had a lovely christmas and new year! It's 40 degrees over here in Aus!
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yes, christmas was fine, my brother was here and my stepson with his girl friend, and on new years eve we had a good friend here with her two daughters, who are friends with my daughter... :D
and the new year started really good so far - we had very unusually warm temperatures around christmas, trees and bushes in full bloom with bees buzzing around, almost creepy, but, as i said, now we have snow, and although it can be a nuisance, it looks and smells and feels much better - winter we call this, haha... :D
oh, btw. the other day i looked on the attic, and although the roof has been mended, there were still small patches of snow - well, there must be cracks in the walls somewhere, because thsi happens only, when it is snowing and very windy at the same time... please look at this old photo...…
thank you... :hug:
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WOW! These are gorgeous!
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