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Oasis Group of Beauty

This group is meant so that "ugly" art can be shown in it's true form of beauty. In other words we find here that ALL art is beautiful it is only people on the inside that can be ugly. This is a 100% safe zone to express yourself and show everyone else here what you got without put downs. If anyone tries to take that away from this group they will be banned QUICKLY! So lets keep this a positive place for everyone so we can finally show beauty in every form! :D

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:bulletred:RULES FOR SUBMITTING ART:bulletred:

:bulletgreen:1.) You must be a member to submit pieces.

:bulletgreen:2.)You may submit ANYTHING of any skill or medium. :> We love all!

:bulletgreen:3.)Please try and keep it clean.(please no excessive gore, erotic, etc. Some/tasteful violence, nudity, and/or etc is 100% fine.)

:bulletgreen:4.)Please no actual harm to people too(drawing or make up is one thing and 100% fine but actual physical/mental harm and photos of it is ABSOLUTELY off limits)

:bulletgreen:5.)Also we LOVE to get A LOT OF ART from everyone but 1 a day is considerate so members don't get spammed away. (the true beauty folder is excluded from the 1 a day because you can post 2 there but none will be accepted if it doesn't show a beauty from with in{look in that gallery for examples})

:bulletgreen:6.) Only 1 submission in the feature folder per month.

:bulletgreen:7.) NO hate speech. I know times are tough but we wan to focus more on the beauty of people. Show the beauty of your heart.

This must be pieces to show how you are making life beautiful. This is for noble causes and supporting issues to better society. This is the heart and purpose of the group. Show off your beauty and do not accept the the negative others may put on you.
You are beautiful on the inside where it counts. If you might feel you could be more beautiful in your heart than please look through all the beauty in our galleries! They for sure will open your heart and inspire change so you can be the best you and spread love!

We at all the ugly deviants love you and thank you!! <3!!!

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Gallery Folders

Grumpy by nazolkin
Begonias by veracauwenberghs
Blumenmaedchen-raphaela-berendt by RaphaelaArt
True Beauty
peace by theOrangeSunflower
finding peace by MadWyrd
Bridge of Love by Wolfberry-J
The Selfishness Behind The Luxury by christon-clivef
All Are Beautiful
Princess of dragons by Dee-vie
One Punch Man Saitama by Ururuty
Halloween Girl by Dee-vie
Julia dressed close up face portrait by Donimal3d
Help me Get Better
07.05 False unicorn by MsBeesa
06.05 Scented Geranium by MsBeesa
Dullahan and her horse by MsBeesa
Raffle prize for ANIMALGIRL1869 by MsBeesa
Drawing and Painting
Lost by Oxckeper
Venus head by Donimal3d
Porong Porong Christmas Party by dengekipororo
Carolina allspice 05.05 by MsBeesa
Blending In by zorbama

Mature Content

Freydis by grodpro
Tropical Mood 2 by zorbama
Sit And Contemplation by alex-the-artist01
Sculpting or crafts
dolly by PicklePieCow
Wrong Turn (sculpture) by JoeEyeStepOnMonsters
Black Lace earrings by 2ndWindAccessories
Blue Flower brooch by 2ndWindAccessories
Photomanipulation or Mixed Media
Divine Judgement by MarquisAmon
Urban Night Party Flyer by n2n44
Spider Queen by Corvinerium
Damnation by MarquisAmon
Disaster Type: Anxiety SpillTerror clenched at my heart. I could feel itís grip tight in my chest. My eyes oozed what felt like thick black liquid from my tear ducts in the place of tears. I knew it was impossible but it was the only thing that felt real. The black ooze. I can feel it filling up my lungs, suffocating me over flowing up my throat and out my mouth. I canít contain it, it spills forth onto anything I touch and sprays onto anything I speak to. Once it's out of me it stains like red wine permanently placing events in my timeline that I canít forgive in the moment. In the back of my mind a cloud of it formed. It was slow and barely noticeable at first but now the only way I can describe it is the shrill scream I want to release when thinking about it. The constant movement and changing shapes, I can hear it cackling wickedly in the most degrading way. Shame fills my cheeks and anger pumped through my body with no one to blame but myself. I turn inward, self destructing, screaming my fury into existence against the blackness as it cackles in reply. My voice seems quiet and empty in meaning but full and loud all at the same time. Until finally the fury escapes my mouth one last time and then I can breath again. My first intake of real air, a single sweet clean breath before I break again. My knees buckle and I fall trembling before the sobs burst from my chest, real pure tears roll down my face following each other, one after another. The ooze finally silent recedes, slinking away into the black room taking all itís malice with it; leaving me alone with the echoes of my own sobs. Again, empty and alone.
Something Greater than LoveEntry #1. Something greater than love.This crossing of paths is nearly impossible to explain. I cannot fully translate my perception into words that make sense. The peak of which I reached when I was with him is indescribable. Serenity, euphoric, simplicity, symbolic, ecstasy, therapeutic, these words barely scratch at the surface of my heart. When I gently touched his scars, I peered into his estranged dark. Sometimes, our secrets are hidden in plain sight. It can cost a lot of pain to reach for any emitting light.I blindly reached for his hand, and he did not hesitate to reach for mine.When him and I were stood side by side, I would get shivers up my spine. There is this certain energy between us. It is a cosmic-magnetic feeling. The force behind our thoughts and fantasies of the future were overpowering, unknowingly. We were scared of each other, and we did not even know it. The truth behind our eyes were clouded by one another. Our anxiety-tolerated bodies were not accustomed to experiencing peace. We did not know what it meant when we smiled at each other. It was as if we have never smiled before in our lifetimes.We witnessed the hurt behind our hearts before we experienced the healing in our cores.Healing, that is what we did to each other unconsciously. We were each other's medicine. Every glance refueled scarce confidence. Every hug was a bandage. Every kiss was a crutch. The bouts of laughter was us giving life to new galaxies in our minds. When we held hands, it was as if we were filtering out the pollution of loneliness that infested us. The past that infected us slowly regrew layers of trust. As the hours past, we felt like we were slowly becoming worthy enough.It may not seem like much, but, I know in my soul this is...something greater than love.
OVER True Beauty Contest
Give Me The Words by Piddling
FULL featured 1
kagura by queenofscream
FULL Photography 1
Leaving the Past by Matthias-Haker
FULL Photography 2
CUBOZOA by Avine
FULL Photography 3
Colored Leaves 3 by wuestenbrand
CLOSED Photography
Putting Her Hair Up by alex-the-artist01
FULL drawingandpainting1
Tide vs The Island Wizard Page 29 by BenGeigerArt
FULL drawingandpainting2
Ancient Feeling by Lythronax
FULL drawingandpainting3
Kuro-Chii's Birthday by unknownwittness
FULL drawingandpainting4
Soul Eater Evans by Ginryuzaki
FULL drawingandpainting5
Officer Vi Concept Art by Zeronis
FULL drawingandpainting6
The Face of Boe by Englishrose-at-heart
FULL drawingandpainting7
Fig Tree Island by BenGeigerArt
Feature 2
February Eye make up by momohana2

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Thank you for visiting and please have a nice day :D
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Hello all!
Hope you all have been doing okay and are safe and healthy in these hard times.
Thank you all so much for continuing to submit all your beautiful work to the group!
Our group was made to empower equal minded artists in the power of TRUE Beauty. To love yourself and your art. Knowing that the beauty is in your message and heart above all else. Also in a hope to spread this message and any other beautiful message that is meaningful and beautiful to you in a hope for changing the world in the better.
If you have beautiful cause specific art please submit it to the "True Beauty" folder. Otherwise keep submitting your beautiful work to the other genre specific folders.
Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc and I will try and get back to you a.s.a.p.
Thank you all again and Love you all!
-Ben Geiger
Hello to all!

I hope you all have been doing well as we near the end to summer vacation for many of you.
We now have an updated icon for the group.
I hope you all enjoy it and continue to post all your beautiful art works!

Please do leave a comment below or message with any questions or concerns you might have.
Thank you all and I wish you all peace and happiness!

-Founder Ben
Hello All!

1>Update! :D
The feature folder is now changing. You now can submit one piece per month to it. You still get to post 1 deviation a day but to any other of the folders. This way the feature folder will show off the best of what each of you do(even though it all really is amazing!! You all are so talented and unique!!!) SO really think about which piece you want to be highlighted for that folder each month.

I did want to ask if you guys think we should divide the "drawing and painting" folder into "Traditional art" and "Digital art" folders? This way the folders would fill up slower and you might enjoy seeing only specifically one type or the other. I really am fine either way with this.

I hope you all have been enjoying the group and I thank you so much for keeping our galleries full of your beauty!
It is so amazing! Also if you have any other ideas or concerns, let me know.

Thank you thank you thank you!
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