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Hello there(:

Welcome to ALLThePonies!


We accept ALL OF THE PONIES and we have to most amazingest admins ever!

:bulletgreen: Anypony can join!
:bulletgreen: Be nice and respect to everypony. Peace and love everypony!
:bulletgreen: No adult content please. If it has a mature tag, it will not be accepted. Very very very minor violence is acceptable. Shippings are accepted, but nothing overtly sexual.
:bulletgreen: We accept all submissions (except mature content of course) but it does require 1 vote from an admin. The only reason submissions aren’t automatically accepted is so there isn’t any non-pony related art in the group.
:bulletgreen: Please submit to the correct folder.

What folders do I submit to?

Featured folder is locked! It is reserved for the best of the best.

Mane 6 and Spike
Deviations that should go in the folder are anything with any of the mane 6 (Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash) and Spike. They can be alone, or all in a group. If it has a minor, background, OC pony with a mane 6 pony, you can submit it into either this folder, the Minor Ponies, Background Ponies, or OC folder.

Deviations for this folder should feature one, two, or all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders (Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, just to be clear). Other foals as members of the CMCs are fine (like Dinky and Pip) but they should be with one of the three canon CMCs, or in some way made clear that they are indeed a CMC in the picture. Otherwise, they should go in Minor or Background Ponies.

Minor Ponies
Deviations that should go into this folder are anything with a minor pony. What is a minor pony? A minor pony is any character that’s not the mane 6 that has more than few lines. Examples are: Gilda, Zecora, Photo Finish, Trixie, Twist, Spitfire, Soarin, etc.

Background Ponies
Deviation that should go into this folder is anything with a background pony. What is a background pony? A background pony is any character that’s not the mane 6 that has few to no lines. Examples are: Derpy Hooves, Doctor Whooves, Lyra, Bonbon, DJ-PON3/Vinyl Scratch, misc Wonderbolts, Octavia, etc.

Deviations that should go in this folder are anything with either Princess Ceslestia and/or Princess Luna. Deviations with Nightmare Moon are also allowed in this folder.

Anything with Discord. If it has another character in it, you may put it in this folder or choose the folder the other characters would belong in. For example, If you draw Discord with Celestia (:heart:) then you can put it into the Princesses folder or into this folder.

Deviation that should go into this folder is anything that has an Original Character in it. If it contains a background pony, minor pony, princess, or mane 6 pony, you can choose to put it in either this folder, Backgound Pony, Minor Pony, Princess, or Mane 6 and Spike folder.

Human Ponies/Anthro
Anything that has a humanized pony or anthro character in it goes into this folder.

Deviations that should go into this folder are anything where you take a pony and something else and put them together!

For Comics. Pretty self explanatory

Fan Fiction
For Fan Fiction. Pretty self explanatory

Animated icons, gifs, Flash animations, etc. go into this folder.

Crafts and Toys
Plushies, custom ponies, sculptures, paper crafts, toys, etc. are welcomed into this folder.

Cosplay goes here.

Other Generations
Anything from My Little Pony generation 1-3.5 are welcomed into this folder.




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I accidentally submitted it to Mane Six And Spike folder!
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