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Hollow Demon 22
   So, this is life.
   It's funny, really. How a person's reason to live and be happy can be snatched away in seconds. The first minute, you're actually smiling; actually thinking that there is no wrong in this world.
   The next minute: Your life is destroyed and dead before your very eyes, with your soul hanging in the balance.
   You just can't be happy forever, can't you?
   I can't be happy forever, can't I?

   A small chirp echoed inside the abyss. His eyes slowly fluttered open, inviting the darkness as his only vision. Head turned left; emptiness. Head turned right; blankness. His eyes resulted with small, three blinks, mind still dazed as to where he was.
   There it was again; the chirping sound. He looked up, but all he could see was darkness. The man then stared down, eyes wide in horror to see his body floating in nothingness. "Where…" His body froze to hear the sound of his voic
:iconfieryfafar:FieryFafar 46 171
Glitched Origin
I remember the day I decided to restart my Pokémon pearl.
No, I didn't do it for a nuzlocke or anything like that- my reason for restarting was that I promised it to my cousin, but I also wanted to mess around with my action replay.
I wanted to see what sorts of interesting things could happen when I used walk through walls without even obtaining my starter Pokémon
I didn't get too far into hacking, seeing as I had told my cousin she could have the game (I never played it anymore, so it couldn't hurt) and I found a... rather interesting glitch of sorts.
It bagan when I restarted Pearl and told my cousin I would show her something cool, but to my disappointment upon walking into the grass without a Pokémon, missingno did not appear like I had hoped it would.
Instead my game froze and so I restarted it.
At this point my cousin had gone outside to play, being at a campsite she was right outside, but I was alone inside the camper.
I turned on walk through walls and started t
:iconarceus-sama:Arceus-sama 69 46
Have you ever had a friend?
How silly of me of course you have...
But I have to ask... why have you come to visit me here in this place?
This hospital for the unwell?
I don't think I belong here, do you?
Oh my how silly of me... you need to know about me first before you can tell me that correct?
I'll start then...
I was eight years old when I first got Pokémon fire red, and finally I was able to go to my favorite town.
I won't tell you that when I walked into lavender town I caught the "lavender town syndrome" because I didn't, Lavender town always soothed me.
I moved my sprite into the town, and immediately felt lulled by the haunting tune, I even began to hum along- and I despise humming.
I walked into Pokémon tower after having obtained the silph scope, and when I finally put the mother Marowaks soul to rest I was content.
It was on my way out of Pokémon tower when it happened- a wild encounter, a Cubone no less.
Excitedly I caught her, and I was happy.
That year my
:iconarceus-sama:Arceus-sama 119 76
Return To Festival Island
Return To Festival Island
The next year was a blur. From talk shows, to training; Katie, or Lorelei, as the pokemon had come to call her, had became renowned for her less then orthodox training methods and her less then normal party.
As the Gengar, who once controlled an entire town, was trained to fight and taught to love, it grew a hardened shell to go along with its softened heart. At first glance one would often mistake it for a Cloyster, but Katie's Gengar was powerful. A curiosity to be desired by all. Gengars psychic beam, came out in bubbles which furthered the confusion as to weather it was a Cloyster or Gengar. It was been Gengar's teleport that had taken Katie back to Pewter to pick up the next notable wonder in her party, Wigglytuff.
One night, after Katie had won her fifth badge, she received a call from the pokecenter back in Pewter. They had been fallowing her journey on the news, and demanded she come back and take the homicidal Igglybuff from their care. Katie felt a s
:icontwylasilverneedle:twylasilverneedle 15 18
Creepypasta-Chanseys Nursery
Creepypasta- Chanseys Nursery
According to a legend that is rarely told, the small island off the coast of Cinnabar was once an inhabited tourist attraction. The island was called "Festival Island." On any map, the island is now unlabeled and underrepresented in size. It was believed that the blast that created Mewtwo scared away or killed all of the Pokémon who once inhabited the island. All of the people who traveled there never returned; even the Pokémon Center is now abandoned.
Katie's Lapras was tired of riding all day. They had traveled a great distance since leaving their home in Tangelo that morning. Having taken a two month break from training after beating the Orange League, Katie was headed to the Kanto Region. It was beginning to get dark but luckily, Katie spotted an island where she and her Lapras could rest for the night.
Katie hopped off Lapras and took out its Pok
:icontwylasilverneedle:twylasilverneedle 75 66
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Will not be posting art tomorrow, as I have to make up a test and then get my passport. Thanks for your cooperation.


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