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     "You're in luck, Cummings, this is the last one," the postal clerk said as he handed over the brown box.  Seaman Cummings took the box and held it over his head, turning to the line behind him.
     "Yeah! Last one, bitches!  Ka-ching!" he called out.  Everyone in the line groaned and silently cursed the lucky Seaman.  Cummings pranced by with the package that was addressed to 'Any Sailor' and headed for his berthing where he could open it in private.
     Once away from prying eyes, he settled down between two sets of beds and pulled out his leatherman.  He'd heard that some people who'd gotten these 'Any Sailor' boxes had got cookies, candy, and even smut; and this one was all his.
     Cutting open the plain brown box, he peeled back to top and found a flyer right on top of a pile of packing peanuts.  'Magical Rubber Love Doll!' it exclaimed in pink letters.
     "No fucking way!" he blared, tossing away the paper and digging into the box, packing peanuts flying everywhere.  Near the bottom, he found a bright pink rubber ball.
     "What the fuck?" he said, holding the ball up curiously.  He glanced around for the paper and tried to drop the ball back into the box, but it seemed stuck to his hand.
     "Dammit!" he said, trying to shake it off, but the ball was firmly affixed to his palm.  It also seemed to be melting and spilling all over his hand.
     "Son of a bitch," he complained, grabbing at the ball with his other hand, but it got stuck as well.  He then noticed that the ball wasn't so much melting as it was beginning to crawl over his skin and cover his hands.
     "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he said, trying to scramble to his feet, but slipped on the packing peanuts back onto his butt.
     The pink rubber was spreading faster, crawling up his arms and causing them to tingle.  The pink even soaked into his uniform, causing the sleeves to tighten against his limbs.  The ball between his hands seemed to be diminishing as the rubber flowed over his body.
     The prickly tingly feeling crawled over his shoulders and across his chest and neck.
     "Holy hell!  Help!" he shouted, but his rack was far in the back of the berthing, and he'd made sure no one was around to interrupt him with his prize.
     The tingling crawled up on his chin and down his belly, and looking down he saw his shirt was now completely pink and tightening against his torso.  He tried again to scramble to his feet, but now his arms seemed to be falling asleep and going numb.  They fell limp, his hands falling right to his crotch.
     "What the fu …" he started complained, his voice suddenly seizing up in his throat into a high pitched squeak.  He could feel the rubber creeping up his face and into his mouth.  Trying to cough, it just came out like a sexy moan.
     Neck and back muscles went numb and he slumped against the lockers, forced to look down as the pink rubber spread down his legs, and soaked into his pants.  The tingling proceeded up his face and suddenly coated over his eyes, giving everything a rose-like hue.  He watched the pink rubber cover his feet and boots just as the ball seemed to completely dissolve, allowing his hands to come back apart.  His arms flumped to his sides, leaving him a limp, bright pink, rubber doll.
     He tried squeaking for help once more, but soon found his lungs failing to work as the rubber invaded his organs.
     Suddenly, Petty Officer Strong came into sight.  He slept in the set of bunks across from where Cummings was sitting, and he was wearing headphones listening to his MP3 player.  He didn't notice Cummings because he turned into his area and immediately opened his locker, bopping to the music.
     Cummings tried to squeak, but couldn't.  As Strong peeled off his sweaty T-shirt, Cummings felt his chest and crotch starting to tingle again.
     Unable to look away, he watched as two bumps formed on his pink rubbery chest.  The bulge in his crotch melted away, and he could see the tight clothes melting into his body, leaving him naked.  The bumps on his chest were clearly breasts, and grew to about the size of cantaloupes.  His crotch now revealed a simple slit of flesh that could only be a vagina.  His legs became long and tone and he could feel his ass swelling out while his waist slimmed.  Some extra weight was added to his head, and he could just see in his peripheral vision that he now had long, light pink hair down to his shoulders.
     Strong stood up, still bopping to the tunes as he pulled off his shorts and underwear.  Taking his towel off the rack, he wrapped it around his waist then grabbed a washcloth and his shower gel.  Finally pulling off his headphones and stowing it in his locker, he turned to head back out of the berthing and immediately noticed Cummings the doll sitting on the floor.
     "Oh, damn," he said, stepping closer, looking over her body.  Cummings had seen pictures of Strong's girlfriends, and he knew that his doll shape had just what he liked on a woman: Big boobs, long legs and a full ass.
     Strong came closer, glancing left and right to see if anyone else was nearby.
     "Looks like someone forgot to put their new toy away," he muttered, kneeling down over Cumming's immobile form.
     The trapped Sailor tried to say something, anything, but without lungs he was stuck.  
     Strong came close to examine Cummings' face, then flicked at his hair.  Then he noticed the flyer off to one side and picked it up.
     "Magical Rubber Love Doll," he read.  "Full-fill your fantasies.  Extremely lifelike.  Adjusts to user's preferences.  Light for easy movement.  Fully posable.  Authentic sounds of ecstasy?  Self-lubricating.  Easy clean up.  Auto shutdown after 20 minutes?"
     Cummings mind raced, praying that Strong would leave him alone for just 20 minutes so maybe he'd change back.  However, Strong glanced back again, then reached over and cupped one of the full breasts.
     Cummings couldn't resist letting out a moan of pleasure, which startling him.  He'd actually felt that!  The noise must have startled Strong too, because he'd pulled his hand away suddenly.  Cummings tried once more to cry out, but to no avail.
      Strong then reached in and squeezed the other breast, and Cummings was forced to repeat the moan.
     "Finders keepers, bitch," Strong said, crumpling the flyer and tossing it away.  He then hefting the Cummings over his shoulder as if she weighed about 50 lbs.  The doll couldn't help but moan again as his … her breasts pressed against his back.
     Strong started to carry her back toward a fan room where there was enough space to lay her out.
     "Once I tell the guys about you, something tells me you won't have 20 minutes alone to shut down," he said.
     Trapped inside, feeling a warm tingle from the fondling of her breasts, Cummings was only thinking 'Fuck, fuck, fuck …'
A jerk of a Sailor gets a very special gift.

Comic by satinsminions:…

Words by Brainsturm
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GaarasBloodRose Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010
wow,the names pun was not lost on me.actually,i think you'd have to be stupid or too innocent not to get,nice.
Kyrtox Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
I'd love to read a sequel.
Allthatjazmine Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Hehehe! Glad you caught the pun and glad you liked the story!
blackshirtboy Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010
Seaman Cummings...
Allthatjazmine Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
You like that, do you?
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