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no boundaries

might be the stairway to heaven? Made in January 2008.
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Awesome Artwork....
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These type of stairs are my favorite, whether it leads to heaven or somewhere else I'd probably go. Graceful and intriguing, thank you for creating it.
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Väderarbetar har en intressant väg till jobbet, skulle hellre ta hissen om det finns en.
Bra bild som vanligt.
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Love your works!! :deviation:
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Gave me some inspiration. Thanks.
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love the concept :D
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perfect simetry
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Very great work!
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wowi id like to walk up to zues and the gods too! aw its just such a lovely like to start photomanipulating
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This idea is one of the best I've seen! Congrats on this, it's really something!
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This is breath-taking to image being there.
The projectable range of emotions are endless.

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It totally reminds me of the DNA helix. Awesome job.
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This reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk~
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Very nice Manip! Looks very good!
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love it! you can submit here too!:)
:target: [link] :target:
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LOVELY! absolutely loveit!
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DEfinately "Stairway to Heaven". Great manipulation. Was the stairway against a plain background on the original? How about a little "How I did this!" comment.
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I photographed a normal stairway, against a brick background. Not the best background, and it required some work to remove the background. Then I placed it at the end of a road and made it narrower. hope it helps
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Amazing work! Thanks.
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