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fishy island

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I came up with the idea about 6 months ago in the end of 2008 but I realized it just a few weeks ago. It was a bit frustrating since I knew that I had to wait until the summer to be able to carry it out. This is one of my most well planned creations and it took some time to find the places I needed. The photo consists of photos from 6 different places. There is a slightly bigger version on my web site:

I would be happy to hear your thoughts about it.

Edit: This has sadly been used as a cd-cover slightly modified for a italian band without my permission.
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marcmossProfessional Digital Artist
Really nice, great expression on the fish!
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Good job ! I like.
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Amazing concept. It was worth the time.
Sorry to hear it was used without your
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PabloIOSHobbyist Digital Artist
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JDP384Hobbyist General Artist
its inspirational and very funny excellent 
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vedenpeittama Photographer
I wonder if such an abnormality remained undiscovered all along for the cottage builders? ; )
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that is a very big fish in that little bit of water!!
awesome picture!!
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SlopNDoodle Traditional Artist
pretty close to the truth really but nice imagination. i like it. to bad its digital art and not real.
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This is another picture of yours that a man on Facebook, Issa Hamadi, is using this picture to promote his own collection of Photoshop tutorials. He does not give you credit. The Facebook page is Learn Photoshop Easy. Someone else has made a comment under the photo that you were the artist and cited your Facebook page. I hope he leaves the comment up.
He is doing this with several artist's pieces of work and making it seem as if the work is his though he does not say so outright.
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Let's make a town built on a fish island. Why? Psshh. Why not?
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you are one of the greatest Photoshop artist. Your imagination and creativity is astonishing. God bless you.
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josekrlosStudent Digital Artist
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Fuck those Italian scammers, you need a watermark or something.....
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scissors--faceHobbyist Artist
Can't you sue them!??
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Hi , Good time

Thank you for good training, but this training did not find a link. Put a link to this tutorial could afford to take advantage of this training.

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ghost111999111Hobbyist General Artist
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shayn-artProfessional Digital Artist
Great work! Share at BEST ART EVER - Fantasy & SurrealismClap 
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LegendaryReyStudent Digital Artist
wacom intuos 5 large, Logitech illuminated
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M0nM0nChanHobbyist General Artist
''Is that a Swedish flag? :o'' är vad jag var på väg å kommentera xD men awesome bild :3
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67thyProfessional Digital Artist
<font><font class="">ficou fantástico...</font></font>
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PaolodefrancescoProfessional Photographer
Dear Erik, when I asked you to reproduce your idea in an italian version on a CD cover, you said yes. I have your mail answer. On the bookled of CD there is your name in the credit: Artwork based on a idea by Erik Johansson (in italian of course). 
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mashina Digital Artist
Spero che ti abbia chiesto almeno un'adeguata cifra di denaro.
Dire che è "basato su un'idea" mi sembra un po' una presa per il culo dal momento che è stata utilizzata la parte principale dell'immagine originale.
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