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What happens when we all want the same thing? We mean no harm but still the result is not what we hoped for. We are not always stronger together.

Inspired by and photographed on the small country roads around the area where I grew up in Sweden in late summer 2019. 
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I've read some stories about GPS systems doing something like this in small towns in the UK.

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Looks like our modern societies have created a lot of selfishness with a philosophy of "Divide et empera":

Man against women. Called feminism.
"White" against "black". Called racism.
Muslims against Christians. Called Islamophobia/Xenophobia or mass migration.
Rich against poor. Called globalism, lobbyism and elitism.
East against west. Called Russophobia and NATO.
"Heteros" against "homosexuals". Called homophobia and genderism.

Democrats against republicans. Conservatives against liberals. Right against left. Religious against atheists etc. etc.

The normal citizen was never concerned about any of these.
The normal citizen wants to live in peace with everyone around.
The normal citizen was never an extremist.

But thanks to NGOs, propaganda, political activism etc. etc. everyone is protesting against everyone else instead of working together.
People block each other on deviantart or do not talk together anymore because they have "different opinions" on certain matters.
People insult each other, people hate each other and everything is messed up.

I hope people wake up, I hope they notice how all these "well-meant" activities were never meant to unite people, but to split them.

Do you really think these organisations care about world peace, while selling weapons and making wars?
How they care about our health, while profitting from selling pills to us?
How they care about minorities, while they despise the masses?
How they care about the climate, while they are using chemicals on the fields, leaking oil into the seas, cutting the forests to sell the wood and to grow monocultures?

In the background, while all people are busy hating each other, they make plans how to rule the whole world, how to destroy nations and cultures in order to have one big world government, one big totalitarian state like in Orwell's "1984", or Huxley's "Brave New World" or in Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451".
Psychopaths dreaming about their unrealistic utopian ideologies which end up as communistic, totalitarian regimes.
Western nations which praise the Chinese government (because they REALLY RULE their country, without a "weak" democratic burden) and implementing censorship and limiting the freedom of speech, the freedom of life, the freedom of opinion.
Yes, we only have to get rid off the "few" (million) people who don't believe in these ideologies... That's how they think.
A small sacrifice for those who love war and injustice.

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RickB500Hobbyist Photographer
So true!
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JustmeTDHobbyist Photographer
Life is sometimes only as difficult as we make it . Love your images . :)
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I can see that, sometimes you can't always depend on each other because somethings you have to alone to get the results you want.

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tilianusHobbyist Photographer

I get the picture: This was supposed to be a secret shortcut and now everyone is stuck there. Perfect deception.

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momentsb4autumnProfessional Photographer

OOPS.....Get Outta Da Way!

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spiralsharinganHobbyist Digital Artist
you should walk It's great for clearing mind
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TheChalkDollHobbyist General Artist
Like something demon Crowley would create. :-D I love it!
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ikazon Writer

What a fantastic piece! Great work! :w00t:

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shahanbProfessional Digital Artist
I like the car lines are sort of creating the Mercedes logo 
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AshBagsHobbyist General Artist

Excellent concept. Very thought provoking.

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TommoTheTogHobbyist Photographer
A typical Sunday in rural UK - great idea, beautifully executed; great work!
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JohnnyCurcioProfessional Writer
This reminds me of some roads around my's giving me PTSD. Hahaha...
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NetSeawolf Photographer
wow great works !!
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BillyNikollHobbyist Photographer
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J0ey11 Digital Artist

oof hate to be in that position

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Damn GPS navigation problems again!
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Maybe time to walk. Maybe time for a drink, too.
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WhoopdyWoppingWollyHobbyist Digital Artist
How the hell did this even happen?
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StevneKinProfessional Digital Artist


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OldHeadEdProfessional Traditional Artist
"If you want to travel fast, travel alone."

"If you want to travel FAR, travel with others." Wink/Razz 
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LombarsiHobbyist Digital Artist
Well it looks like there are people heading in 3 different directions so it isn't all wanting the same thing
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