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We Saw / Just Saw

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When the only way is down, the solution is obvious but the consequence not, therefore the hesitation.

I had this in my head for such a long time, I knew that I had to put it to life someday but I never found that tree and place that I thought would do it justice. One day last summer I was out driving around the area where I grew up, and there it was. Originally I thought it should almost be completely desaturated with only the red saw being the point of interest and color. But I liked how the subtle blue and greenish yellow play together with the red . The square format is quite uncommon to me but since the image itself is playing with direction of gravity I thought that the harmonious format would fit. So already before shooting it I had the square format in mind.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it, what comes to mind when you see it?

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First thoughts:
"I saw what happened to the last guy... I knew I forgot something. Left my parachute on the bed this morning."
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isischneider Photographer
nice one :clap:
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xAgNO3xProfessional General Artist
see what I mean? xD you need to travel to another dimention man.
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SireneArcanaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a very thought-provoking work. What comes to mind for me has to do with the environment issues (global warming, etc) we've been having over the last decades and them having to do with losing part of the rainforests in the world. And in this image, if he cuts the last tree standing, he will fall, as also the humanity will if everything continues this way.
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chetjeHobbyist Digital Artist
Cool Clap 
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supersnappz16Hobbyist Photographer
I like the surreal feel of this scene. nice work my friend.
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FooserXHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic concept and explanation - love it. Wish there was more like this on DA.
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kaisernero121 Digital Artist
It is an interesting concept for sure, but I don't get the message 100%...
I think what distracts me the most is the viewing direction of the character - but I can't say exactly why... Stare 
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tdcookeHobbyist Digital Artist
cool!......reminds me of a guitar effects pedal I have by a company called Hologram-it's called Dream Sequence
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TommoTheTogHobbyist Photographer
Intriguing idea, successfully realised; fascinating image!
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ThorinWolfsonHobbyist General Artist
Wow, this is deep.

It feels thoughtful, somehow beautiful, but sad, melancholic.
This is a kinda philosophical picture.

We came, we saw, we fell
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segura2112Student Digital Artist
Very cool! thank You
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tilianusHobbyist Photographer
Impressive concept and execution. Thanx for sharing.
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harunistHobbyist Artist
Possibly the most underrated author on DA.
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LadnavarProfessional General Artist
i thought he was holding a bow, and was reminded of Sekiro. nice composition ~
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Thats mind worping.
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Amazing and the title makes it perfect so awesome job and keep on sharing.
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
thank you! a lot more work is coming this year :)
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Brilliant!  I like LauraRamirez' read, although I've been saying it slightly differently
for years -- probably because I've become an incompetent birds-in-flight photographer,
and The Crown of Creation can't possibly be us humans;
Dumb animals don't fly.
Your image says it better.  Maybe call it
I saw
because a species that's dumb as a bag of hammers thinks everything's a nail.
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
This is is very interesting, "I Saw" or even "We Saw" would work well. I like the double interpretation also of having seen something and also something we are currently doing, cutting down the branches around us. I don't do it often but I consider a title change, thank you for your commen!
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Thank you!  Although I prefer to trust your discernment, I love to mangle English whenever possible, and
I Saw or "iSaw" is merely a phonetic hair away from "eyesore", which inflects the long-awaited Golden Age of iPhone
with this:
suggesting that any world we touch with our analog/digital human scourge is instantly or eventually
corrupted.  It's not the tool, handsaw, chainsaw, iPhone or terraforming technology, maybe we're the disease.

About an hour into Inherit the Wind…
Spencer Tracy delivers a fascinating speech about the cost of technology:

"Progress has never been a bargain. You have to pay for it.

Sometimes I think there's a man who sits behind a counter and says,

"All right, you can have a telephone, but you lose privacy and the charm of distance.

Madam, you may vote but at a price. You lose the right to retreat behind the powder puff or your petticoat.

Mister, you may conquer the air but the birds will lose their wonder and the clouds will smell of gasoline." 

Just a thought meant to grace your splendid image.

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Your description enhances the interpretation of this amazing image,.....thought provoking as always black heart bullet black heart bullet black heart bullet 
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