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The Reset

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In these crazy times it feels like we would need a re-set button, something that could just make things go back to normal.

Stay safe out there you all!
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I would like a reset to the world before the pollution, before the extinction of so many animals and insects, before climate change and before overpopulation, so we could start again and live more wisely and lovingly towards nature.

In this respect I like this photowork very much. You are very creative, sir alltelleringet!

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Jo, en sådan knapp vore inte dumt i dessa tider. :nod:

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What a dystopian decision to make...

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As always outstanding work. And I agree, although it seems we are slowly opening up here in DK. 
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Seamless manipulation. Why is the button buried?
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haha wow, thanks for the link. I really didn't expect that he got an actual digger and built a real gigantic button. :lmao: :omg:

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SAME! Was surprised and super-impressed.

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hidden from others, but they knew it was time to dig it up now and press it, the time has come!
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Careful, that is the self-destruct button! :D

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Love the concept and execution. Even though things were 'normal' before all this don't you think it's a perfect opportunity to grow? Everyone is way out of their comfort zone right now. I think the outcome will be a positive one.

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Actually, if you think about it - Corona was the reset button.
The economy worldwide was/is a gigantic bubble, everything based on credits (like 1929) and it was obvious that this bubble had to burst at some point.
So, in this case, the reset button is taking us back to the time before we financed everything with credits, just that we won't have the means to buy much anymore, because we already spent the money we didn't have, yet.
Ironically, the longer our governments and institutions were postproning this reset, the worse it was becoming.
It would have been better if they let the bubble burst in 2009 - now the difference between real economy and bubble economy is way bigger and the fall is much deeper.

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Woah, so imaginative and powerfully-told.
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great excellent !! like usually
The Corona virus IS the reset !!
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Maybe the Reset button is the last button. Who knows?
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My first intention was: Yes! Do it! Now! My second: Where to? Think anybody in the world would like to go back to another moment in time ... Or to the moment when there is no more corona all around. And no more other terrible diseases. And no more war. And ...

But nevertheless a great idea and quite well done pic!-)
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Just press it already. Can we go back to November 2019?
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Considering how little of the universes existence that life has been on earth, "normal" would probably have to be a time before life.

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Define 'Back to Normal', cause the normal world wasn't much better than its current Corona state.

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