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The Light Keeper

Shot in 3 different countries: Ireland, France and Czech Republic. I was working on this project from now and then from September last year until now (2018). Is he bringing or stealing the light, maybe replacing it? What do you think is happening? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!
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The bulbs in light houses are surprisingly small, it's the glass lens that's huge. Today they only use a bulb that's a couple of hundred watts.

There's a great lighthouse museum in Maine that has a "small" 3 foot high lantern that floats on mercury, it weighs about 1/2 ton because there's so much lead in the glass lenses. The museum tour guide encourages people to spin it. It takes a lot of effort to get it started but not much to keep it moving (mass & motion).

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Big fan of your work!
Top marks for the creativity and idea behind the image. The humor of a giant light bulb elicited a smile from me for sure, his expression somehow furthers the slight ridiculousness. I did take a star from technique because there are bits of blending that have very hard contrasts, like by the man's left foot. It's not a smooth transition and seems out of place and a little jarring, which is weird because I don't find many instances of that in your work. Overall, though, this is really a strong piece! You do great consistent work!
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Thanks a lot for the feedback / critique. I think you do have a good point about the foot, it's something might have another look at. It's hard to come along good constructive honest feedback so it's greatly appreciated. :)
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I greatly appreciate your work and look forward to more :)
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Reminds me of Niko
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It looks like he's stealing the light! Take it back man! Take it back! :) :rose:
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It takes very courage... :D (Big Grin) 
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So incredibly GOOD!!  Superb work.
It feels like a response to the small opening of light in an overcast sky, as if he was saying "I don't need you anyways". Stormy life, stormy weather.
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How many Wickies does take to change a light bulb?

Just one, cause they're pretty tough.
I love your pictures, they are very good in concept and execution, but mainly I love the irony and funny games that you put in your images, sincerely I congratulate you for all your work, I send you a cordial greeting
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Love it :) top marks for creativity as always. Clap 
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You've combined shots from three countries, that alone is very difficult to do. But there's something I've noticed and I hope it doesn't seem to nitpicky. There's a part below the lighthouse that is bright, but then the stones nearest to the sea are darker. I'd make the a bit brighter, just to even it all out. Maybe add some fog too, as the weather seems to be stormy and rainy. And that means that the viewing distance can't be too good. It just seems odd that the stones nearer to the viewer are bright, then they get darker and then they get brighter again. 

But really, this is criticism on a high level. The picture is still amazing. Even the reflections on the light bulb make sense, with coulds on them. Can't believe how much attention you pay to those details. 
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thank you! I do always appreciate critics, even on the smallest details :D
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That's the spirit of a good artist, always trying to improve. I try to do the same.

And btw, I've been offline for a few years but your pictures are some of those that I remember the longest. I rarely see the same amount of imagination and technical skill combined in one piece of art, but you manage to do it. Your pictures show that you pour your heart into them. I have a lot of respect for artists who put so much dedication to their craft. Thanks for making all this beautiful work. 
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thank you for your kind words! I just do what I have to do and there is a lot more coming this year!
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i like the sweeping curve of your landscape moving outwards towards the could easily stand on it’s own but the man with the bulb just makes it more interesting...great concept...i’ll be looking forward to your next book if you decide to go that route...regards....David
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Another book will come, but probably still 2 years away, but keep an eye out ! :)
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Lovely work! u r so talented :love: 
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Nice! Love the idea.
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His unimpressed look suggests that he's been assigned to take the bulb to the lighthouse, but in order to do so he must traverse those jagged rocks AND get the bulb there intact. His expression to the viewer seems to be asking "are you bloody serious?"
Wonderful as always. The uniform does gives a visual cue that makes me assume he is the lighthouse keeper. It is delightfully atmospheric, but it is the idea of a huge bulb that makes this a surrealist piece. (How I wish folk would stop using the word to mean little more than slightly surprising!) I wonder if it would have been possible to create the effect of a path through the jagged rocks to the lighthouse? Alternatively, given your questions, maybe a more ambiguous outfit (a city suit, bathers or an incongruous uniform?) would have made me question his role, rather than think he'd have no chance of carrying a bulb across such jagged rocks. I don't see this a criticism; I wouldn't have clue how to do any of this and I'm pleased every time I see that you've added a post; I like every single one.
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I like your thoughts! thanks for sharing them! 
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