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Stuck Inside

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In quarentine in my own head, lost inside with nowhere to go. A clastrophobic feeling of being stuck, while outside the time doesn't care and keeps on moving as if nothing happened. Summer and winters comes and goes, they always have and always will, but here I am, stuck inside.

Edit: Thank you for the DD <3 <3
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Cool! nice thought!

This is great. Good job ma boy

I'm absolutely obsessed with how you got the fine hairs

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This is absolutely incredible. I love the concept and find it really relatable, the model is beautiful and the composition is great. :clap: Floating Heart (DL's Purple) - F2U!

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Love this really much xx

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I absolutely love the emotion in this image. Feeling stuck is how we all feel right now.

just amazing 👏

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stuck? inside is the only place I can go where I am not either attacked or ridiculed

keep your secrets, lock your doors, and no on can hurt you, even if it comes at a great cost

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This is a powerful image, great content, and lovely to gaze upon.
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Please don't take this the wrong way. But if getting stuck inside yourself is an option, isn't it also a warning sign there was too much unused space in there?

Very expressive and imaginative.

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I've felt like this...most days in fact. But there are ways I've been on lockdown much longer than just 2020.

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Very clever and done well :)

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The inner pose fills the face in such an impressive way! Very well done!

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Stunning work. :heart:

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Excellent work.

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:iconfeature-it-monday: has selected your artwork for Feature of the Week! :heart:

Congratulations! :clap:
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I am outside, enjoying the sunshine.

Flu, cancer, strokes - all harmless compared with corona!!!
Corona is a disease in people's heads, indead: When we don't switch off the TV set.
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Truer words . . .

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