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Stellantis is a project I've been working on for a long time, not that it was the most complicated project but because I wanted to make sure to get all the details  right. I had this idea about someone stealing stars from the night sky and I thought it would be nice if it's done with the help of an everyday object that we all can relate to. I thought that a giant tweezer could be an interesting object and I went on a search to try to find one. It was easier said than done and as I realized they don't make them particularly big I decided that the best way to make it come to life would be to build one. The model in the image, Stella, helped me bring it to life as she also works as a production designer on films. We ended up with a 150 cm solid aluminium piece, fully functional.


Even more info about the project:…
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Well, I know the next art purchase I'm making. This is wonderful. 
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glad you like it! you can see available sizes on my website !
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I saw! I'm in my final semester in college (art major) so I'm going to get one as a graduation present for myself. 
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Stunning work, the lighting is exceptional. Interesting story about the progress as well. I didn't expect the tweezer to be an actual gigantic tweezer. I assumed it wouldn't be a problem for you to make a small one look convincing. :) Without having tried it myself I would consider it quite possible because its texture is fairly plain, but I may be wrong about it. :shrug:
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Are the tweezers a crossed x-shaped tip? Is that what I'm looking at?
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youre right, they change the way :O
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I mean, x-shaped tips are real. Was it on purpose?
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So clever, I love it :D :happybounce: :)
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I think the Möbius strip appearance of the tweezer enriches the conundrum, and singlehanded operation feeds an interesting metaphor (involving masturbation)
which in turn begs the question (though not of Perry Como…) What exactly's the purpose of StarPlucking?

Since the butt of the instrument is adjacent to Stella's diaphragm and solar plexus, perhaps this activity restoreth her sol or sole or soul -- but what if
each star is an orgasm? and the instrument is 3 meters long and "meant" to be ridden?  The unequivocal purpose of this endeavor, then,  explains itself explicitly 
to the vast majority of viewers while incorporating the Escheresque surrealilty into a very-long-overdue NASA recruitment poster concerning the virtues
of ZeroGspot-ology and The Don'tAskWilliamTell Overture in Space ♫tedium, tedium, tediumb, dumb, dumb.♫ When Stella met Sirius?  I'll have what she's having!  Seriously!
and, of course,
Totally HASSLEBLADass!
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I really love how passionate you are on your projects.
I guess most of the people would have photographed a regular size tweezer and manipulated it into the scene.
It is obvious that the more you shoot originally the more convincing will be the end result!
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I'm speechless, that's the most amazing thing I saw in weeks 👍🏼
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