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It's been too long since I posted something! I almost finished this image in March this year but still wanted to give it a few more touches. Now it's finally done (I think). I had this idea about creating a landscape from a sound wave, over time I developed this idea. The surroundings were shot on Iceland and the landscape coming out from the gramophone in the Swedish countryside. I have been staring myself blind on it now and would love to hear your opinion about it! Any suggestions on improvements or changes?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see it?
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First thing I think: "I don't know what that job is, but I want to apply."
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Marvelous work 
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Thank you for submitting this piece to :iconelectro-swing:!!! :D
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excellent artwork!
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Brilliant work!
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Nice isomorph
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I'am alone at the sea. I'am lissen to the music of Natur. Thats what I feel. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from the Baltic Sea, Tina
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I love it you could improve by taking the clouds that look like they are going inside the speaker out? I dunno it's great!

My first thought? O. O this is amazing!
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I only have one request: an audio clip of what the sound wave actually sounds like when played.  (Incidentally, my first thought was "is there an audio clip of that sound wave?")  That says more about me than your picture though, which is impressive enough that I didn't even notice the trees at first.  I read the description, thought "okay those squigglies represent trees", and only later noticed the detail.  And later still, I noticed the two men carrying a new record to the gramophone.  Then the ladder.

I'm gonna just submit this comment now before I notice the Virgin Mary hidden in the cloudline.
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indeed incredible!
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Erik, I really admire your work, absolutely great, creative and inspiring ideas! I really have to tell you: "I'm watching you!!!" :D (Big Grin) 
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Great! Reminds me of the painter Gonzalez...
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this is awesome wowowowo mashallah bro
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as i sit in an office and dread the days i'm forced to listen to someone else's choice in music to fill the silence that would otherwise pervade i actually get to listen to my own music (without headphones) because the boss is out this morning. the idea represented in this image, how sound is a real piece of our surroundings and something we can choose, is a very profound one. right now, my office walls have turned into the landscape of my choosing.
thanks for sharing!
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Wow Wow , its great !
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Blessed are they who make music.
Saw it in SheDares's feature.
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Great surreal piece Clap 
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