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Reverse oposites

A perspective illusion I've had in mind for some time now. Finally visualized! You can rotate the image 180 degrees and it looks exactly the same, like a card in a deck or cards.

Most parts are shot in Norrköping, Sweden and Lugano, Switzerland. I've been working on it from time to time for a few months and would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Good or bad, all comments are welcome!
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Love to ask you for permission to use it for a non-profit event discussing “perspectives”. This shot is so fun.

If you have others, We would be interested too.


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Relativity inspired?... I presume... 
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Love this idea. It might be fun to see this kind of image with some changes from each side like the figure looking a different way or something different happening in some of the windows. Like those photos where you try and find the subtle changes?
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You sr, are a genius.
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In a word: fantastic !!
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*is flipping tablet over and over trying to comprehend this*
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I'ts so surrounding, I needed to flip my screen down. Laughing my ass off! 
Great work!
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Never mind... I just noticed your name at the bottom-right corner of the picture, sorry >_< it was dark, so I didn't see it at first.
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Did you get (or give) permission for this art to be used? :O…
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lol nicee, i turned my laptop upside down just to see if it was the same
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Oh no, not one of these. Oh jeez it's trippy...But I love it too much. =)
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I would confuse myself doing this, haha. Really great work <3
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I'm sure you know of Cyriak?
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seen some of his work, nice stuff
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so interesting...
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too cool!! n.n
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Mind screwwwwww o_O
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This is amazing! I also love how you used the door number 9/6 :P
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holy crap! '~'
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wat? this is great, it works perfectly on me
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