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Moulin de Mer


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Location  Brittany
Photographed and combined by shots almost exclusively captured in Brittany, France. The one who chose to work at the mill in the sea chose a lonely life, but it's a peaceful life.
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C'est ou exactement ? (je suis Breton)


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Is this some kind of crazy optical illusion?

It is certainly a very magical looking place.


Looks like it should be in the Bermuda Triangle, the tidal current around that place would be immense.

organicvision's avatar

A sort of "Penrose Triangle" 🤔

Mr-Xerty's avatar

Great work again :) Cool to see the Britany flag vary familiar! =P

bruiser11's avatar

Woah 🤯 😍😍

Love the water wheel. Is it tidal influence or just unidirectional?

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This took me so long to register what was happening in the photo haha

Absolute outstanding, remarkable idea! I would really like to live there, if i am getting net there :Dand a person who ship me my put up stuff ;)

barefootliam's avatar

MC Escher woud be proud!

LittleDragonKid's avatar

Absolute great, wonderful concept! I would like to live there, if I get Internet there :D and someone who send me my post stuff ;)

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wondefull peace! Thank you for the magic.

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how is it possible for water to reach the top to drive the wheel?


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C'est du MC Escher moderne ! Trop joli ! :clap:

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Another excellent piece of work. So nicely done, and you didn't even need a series of canal locks to pull it off!

AnEnchantedSpirit's avatar

Nice work, although one would have to wonder what happens to the plays when the seas get rough? :)

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