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Lost in the Rain

An idea I carried with me for some years that I finally put to life. It was part of my exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm earlier this year and the last unpublished photograph from my book. I would love to hear if you have any thoughts about it, what is happening? Why are they there?
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Dense rain or light weight fish? Wonderful!

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I really like your work, this in particular. It looks like the fish represent a part of life that everyone has to go through or experience at some point, something bigger than the mother and child, not necessarily something bad either. It's like the mother is exposing the child to it but not explaining what it is because she can't, the child has to understand/experience this on there own; in their own time. Like the child is on the outside looking in sort of thing, not really knowing what their mother is showing him but taking it in all the same.
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Lovely !  by the way, you may want to take off the "download" option !!!!
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I like how the boy is pointing at the fish - that must be a very exciting sight for him. The fish themselves look a bit too static for my taste, but they also seem very determined to get to their destination, which is obviously something important. Also, the mix of crisp details and blurred spots (drops on the lens?) gives a nice dreamy feeling to this scene. 
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An excellent piece. Very atmospheric. Good job.
The bottom half is excellent, especially the woman and the boy. The fishes look quite odd however, and their straight procession looks surreal, one remote association might be the Star Trek IV-movie where the whale probe comes to Earth.
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I thought they were zeppelins at first glance.
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Your work is featured here
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Very good work
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you are my god father...i am ur great fan from 2012....i watched all ur videos.....after watching ur videos ..i am impressed in photo manipulation.......i tried some photo.....i like to talk with you my Facebook id : devamac....sorry for poor english...:)
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Awesome as always, sir!
I'm not sure the true meaning of this image. But, somehow this reminds me of one of Coldplay's video, Up&Up. Have you watch it? You should watch it! :D
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Very cool, what a wicked awesome imagination you have!
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really like the composition and executionClap 
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I don't really know what it means, but it looks intriguing.
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Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2] llama approves
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Excellent as usual.   
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Love the ambiance this image brings. Very unique.
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Very nice!  :clap::sun:
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Huh, so the sky does rain fish... Better get my net ready!
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Surreal.. I love it..
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I love the copious detail. The blurred lens effect is especially nice. 
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