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Looking Back

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Location  sweden
Standing still is going backwards, time has only one direction and we're falling through the present.

Photographed in Sweden and Czech Republic, model shot with a huge fan to create realistic movement in the fabric and background photographed with a camera slider and a 10 stop ND fileter to create in-camera motion blur.

I'd be happy to hear your thoughts about it! What comes to your mind when you see it?
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heippamuovihelmiNew Deviant

varsinainen vauhtimimmi

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Reminds me of Alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole it’s very beautiful
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist


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Это неветер, это жизнь трепет платье. Впечатляет

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virtel2New Deviant


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karpetvinylNew Deviant

good look....

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SMB-speedymaxHobbyist Photographer

Very clever. Great sense of movement, almost fury. Makes me feel I should look for that tornado sucking everything in. Great piece of work.

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Hell yeah
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ptapaskaNew Deviant


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amogueNew Deviant

The movement captured, Superb art.

- Amogue


Movement captured. Very cool.

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MetabaseOriniqueNew Deviant

it's awesome ! Congrats !

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PintarCreationsHobbyist Digital Artist

Woah! :O

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mosittarNew Deviant
I like it.
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I'm new to Diviantart. Like, yesterday kind of new. LoL

Scrolling through all the stuff they present you with on your home screen. Thousands!

This one, hit me in the heart. So much fantastic art here... I could only hope to one day, perhaps be anywhere close to what the worst on here looks like. But, this one.... Hm. You asked what comes to mind when we see this.... Love. Loss. Regret. And strength. She's standing her ground and not letting the past pull her back in. Looking back to learn from previous mistakes perhaps? Or, just longing for the old days, when life was simple?

It pulled me straight in, immediately!

And, because I know nothing about art.... except what I like and don't like... I can honestly say, that I thought this was all digital painting. I was amazed at how you captured every detail, so real like, but somehow not real at all. Thank you for describing how you created this image. It's spectacular what you've managed to accomplish here.

Thank you for sharing your art. :-)

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MsVanumStudent Photographer

Wow! Amazing! :dummy:

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LabsevenHobbyist Photographer
WOW ‼️‼️ AND AMAZINGLY AWESOME‼️‼️ is what came to mind when I saw this‼️ :clap:
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DeVernesArtFormNew Deviant

All the effort you put into this....was so worth it! I love the effect achieved.

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AnhNguyen117New Deviant
Woah, this is cool. For me, it seems like when she looks back, everything moves so fast. Time flies and the present soon becomes the past
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meilingmeilingNew Deviant
I like your art. I feel strong winds crashed the woman. I'm sorry. I'm confused, your art is photo?? By the way it's wonderful
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AivarPartelProfessional Photographer

Superb !

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

It's like the ground is moving fast-forward, beneath her feet, and she's about to fall on her butt any moment. Fantastic image, and effects! :clap: !!!

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