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November 7, 2010
Lazy dog by ~alltelleringet

Featured by alexcherrypicks
Suggested by TenderlySharp
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Lazy dog

This was made in autumn 2007, lazy dogs also have to get out for a walk. See more similar photos on my website

Edit: Wow, thanks for the DD and all the comments! <3
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Joey-bacala's avatar
doggo do a float
Valkyrja-Skuld's avatar
dorenna's avatar
Now that is quality art. Thank-you.
Lina37337's avatar
Amazing artwork!
hyuga13avenger's avatar
Out of curiosity, is it photomanipulation or is the dog really flying around xD ?
4thofficial's avatar
That a kickstarter for sure :)
Iskander1989's avatar
Lovely piece! hehe
MaxHitman's avatar
Perfect pet !
Great photo.
PutinPot's avatar
Incredibly au fait masterpiece Comrade.
FabiolaViviano's avatar
Wow, proprio bello complimenti!
Roossuu's avatar
FunnyMaiMai's avatar
hahaha! That's a good one! like this :D
EqualacornLady's avatar
I love it. Wonderful, that good idea to lift lazy dog.... LOL
CyphonFiction's avatar
your art is being reposted and claimed here: [link]

It would really help us take down this art thief if you would report it.
alltelleringet's avatar
thanks for letting me know! seem to be down now
CyphonFiction's avatar
well that's good. They were bragging about how "hard" they worked to make it. it was rather sickening, but I'm glad it's finally been removed.
Dreamer-of-Magic's avatar
shawnstorm's avatar
I love this. It is the humorous aspect that makes it so great for me. My only critique is that the balloons don't look real which catches my eye.. but otherwise its perfect.
Miss-Audaum-Lovet's avatar
ya thats funny haha i love it (^ ^)
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