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Last one Standing

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This is a new project I've been working on for a while. Last year I went to Wales to photograph different landscapes, most of the parts were photogrphed there. I wanted to create a dramatic yet sad dark look, a calmness right after a storm. I thought it fits the february mood.

I've been working myself blind on this now and would love to hear your thoughts about it. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see it? What does it tell you? I'm also having some different thoughts about title, sharing your thoughts would be of great help! Any thoughts are welcome!
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This is fantastic!
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Maybe because of the current political debate, the first thing I notice is that there is no water. You need water to have a lighthouse and a boat but here there is nothing but a desolate landscape. So to me it talks about the destruction of nature and the environment. Even the person seems a bit lost in this strange world.
It’s beautifully executed regardless. 
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shy-foxHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was thinking the girl is kind of lost in a world that s falling apart around her, and she found the lighthouse, now she hopes to find something good inside, but is also scared to go inside, because if there's nothing there... then what should she do?
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Various themes emerge.  They are not necessarily connected...the lighthouse has outlived its usefulness, and now sits isolated, lonely, without purpose to the world.  No ships will crash upon the surrounding rocky shores - this is the ultimate purposes of the this a measure of success...does success always look like we think it should?  Despite outliving its usefulness, the lighthouse remains intact, and is essentially the same as it was in the past when in use...does it still have more to give in a world that no longer needs its contribution?  Did the figure in yellow come ashore on the visit perhaps...or is this visitation a depiction of a memory, that despite the darkness and obscurity that surrounds, the memory of a special place remains intact...although its gone, it's always there to visit.
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those spiky rocks look interesting. Do they have a special purpose/meaning?
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Very cool! 
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ConstanceRSnyder seems like a bot/scam account. You should probably delete the comment.
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thanks, did
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CainmakHobbyist Digital Artist
Reminds me of The Islander by Nightwish. 
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LukasKannProfessional Photographer
just saw your deviation and I must say it's f*ck!ng BRILLIANT , read the comments wholly agree with ithlloth down there ,post apocalyptic  , single survivor perhaps ??? looking at a long life ALONE ...
Vincent Price did a Movie back in the fifties early sixties about that ,will smith did a poor redo around the turn of the Century , if ya didna see either check em out .they are DATED ,but there is an awesome storyline that can be massaged real easy, for one with an imagination such as yours .

NOW ! That would be an AWESOME Cover for some novel in the same vein ...
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
thank you! it's like a glimpse into a story I also want to hear/read :) 
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ChrysaorIVHobbyist Digital Artist
This is freakin awesome. I'm like getting this idea of like a world-wide apocalypse where everyone but one person inside a lighthouse is destroyed because they're special or something and then they have to like figure out how to save the earth and make it habitable again or something
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
something in line with that that I had in mind ! :D
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morningstarskidHobbyist Photographer
Looking out over the Water the Sky grabs me..
The Clouds are Spinning up like a Hurricane..
Winds are climbing as the Surf Crashes Again
The Tide is up and Climbing.. When is this Storm going to Hit Us
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And once again I stumble over a little masterpiece from you. I love deviantART! 
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Ithilloth General Artist
A postapocalyptic landscape, ocean shore that had dried long ago, nuclear winter. That was what came to my mind first and I thought it was an awesome idea. The grass might be too green, and the lighthouse a little too intact to indulge me with that though. :D
Beautiful imagery as always. :heart:
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
a somewhat safe haven
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JustmeTDHobbyist Photographer
The lack of a body of water throws me off with this image .
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
in a good or bad way? :)
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JustmeTDHobbyist Photographer
Bad , sorry .
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