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I shot the material for this photo in July 2013. It has taken me a lot of time to decide how I wanted it to come together but finally decided, liquid was a lot trickier than I thought to work with. Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? What is happening?

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the proof earth is flat omg
no i kidding
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I think it's very good....................Porridge Miining.
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I work in fields like this…now every time I'm bending over to work I'm gonna imagine the land starting to slip and slide under my feet…pulling me to the edge!!
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Very cool and creative idea.
The left side somehow reminds me of melting pistaccio ice cream.
This, ladies and gentlement, is why we do not divide by zero.
Because then this happens.
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very good works . i pleasure to see your works . please check my works and say your idea about my works
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I wish I had the time to write a scene of this.
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Waouhhh!!! So poetic !!
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This looks so fantastic !
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Tråkigt att den bortre delen av åkermattan inte fick lika vattniga effect. Övrigt - kanon nice.
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Åkermattan ser ut att ha som en snabbare ström likt vatten medan gräset värkar har en trögflytande effekt likt tjock färg. Jag saknar bara solens reflex i åkermattan.

Sjukt proffsigt! +fav 
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love it, very impressive work... :D
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clever ideas going on
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Amazing!  You've succeeded in turning the ground to liquid.  Wonderful effect.
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I am not able to come up with an adjective that could properly suit this. There are many things about the picture that are worth mentioning , such as the way the land "melts" at the bottom and the road that gets lost somewhere in the distance.
The first thing that crosses my mind when I look at it is a persone who wants to be alone, far from the bussy life. Just chilling at the end of the world, admiring the void belloe while sunbathing in the summer with a cocktail in his/her hand... usual things humans do at the edge of the world.
The end of the world! Fantastiskt!!!
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wow! Waterfall's end is looks like a Greentea Smoothie  XD 
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