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This is a new project I've been working on for the past months. A grandmother on a trip in her little house. Photographed in Prague, old town square and Sweden (house). The rocks around the house were photographed during a road construction in Prague. It turned out quite dark but I liked the mood this way. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it, what comes to your mind when you see it? Please share your thoughts!
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JuliScalziHobbyist Photographer

totally awesome!!

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morningstarskidHobbyist Photographer
Vacation Home...
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Great Job!
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First thoughts:
"Who tore up the road?"
"My Great Grandmother and her steam powered house chuffed through here the other day."
"But, the road?!"
"Look man, I don't care. She was baking. Speaking of which, want a cookie?"
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zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i love it!
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zacharyknox222Hobbyist Artist
i like it!
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Lyone-3DHobbyist Digital Artist
So beautiful!
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Judging by the face of the granny maybe she sees her surrounding as how she remembers them in her childhood; lush with colors, instead of only the dark gloomy city scape we get to see.
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shy-foxHobbyist Traditional Artist
it's kinda cute. The granny not aware of the destruction she creates. Somewhat how I see some elderly people drive their car or e-bike trough traffic without noticing all the other people who try to avoid being driven over by them, because they are driving faster than their own minds can still keep up with
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rodrevHobbyist Artist
I just wanna say: Toot, toot, here comes the train XD
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
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davidrabinProfessional General Artist
very nice work...looks like the house just slid through the bricks creating the debris...regards....David. by the way, I believe I saw one of your images very briefly in… think it was the one titled "cut and fold"...just don't ask me where it was within these videos, it was a while ago and there are so many...
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She's in a train traveling to see her loved ones but she isn't a very good driver but the light poles understand and try to move out of the way.
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LukasKannProfessional Photographer
like me , just visiting !
Damn , was watching Blade Runner 2049 last night(4K is AWESOME) and when Joe(k) crashes ,that scene went thru my mind , with the Telephone Booth that Dr. Who uses , instead of the car .
love the interpretations that come up when the various artists ponder the work of their peers ...
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To be honest, I've watched the movies recently so all I can think about when seeing this is the introduction of Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life": "The Crimson Permanent Assurance", I AM SO SORRY XD

Otherwise, this looks really cool! And this house looks cosy, I'd love to join that grandmother :D
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Kayru-KitsuneHobbyist General Artist
I love how warm and inviting the inside of her home looks in comparison to the cold, dark, unloving city streets. Just like a visit to (or in this case from!) Grandma's house should be. :) 
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This is every introvert dream haha. Great job !
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DreamingReniHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's wonderful!
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streamwebProfessional Photographer
Alltid kult å se nye bilder fra deg.
Fantastisk bra satt sammen som vanlig og ideen er utrolig kreativ! :)
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nikolayhranovProfessional General Artist
Grandma rockin' the submarine house ;) Great idea and execution mate!
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JohnnyCurcioProfessional Writer
I think this is hilarious and the storytelling in the image is awesome.
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ikazon Writer
This is very whimsical, even with the dark setting. Thank you for sharing! :w00t:
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IgnisFatuusIIProfessional Digital Artist
Great work!=D
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