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If Lost, Please Call

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Location  Czechia
I've been working on this since September and I would love to hear your input! I know telephone lines aren't glowing in real life but I wanted to create a surreal element that leads the eye further into the scene and also make it seem a bit more alive and inviting. What are your spontaneous thoughts when you see it?
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Lost and lonely, yet lovely.

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or u could just follow the telephone lines

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Esperando a su dueño viajero del tiempo. <3

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Looks like a scene of a movie!

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Great work! It remember me a little the "cinematographic" works of Gregory Crewdson...

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Poor lost dog waiting for his master calling him :((

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I love your imagination. Wonderful work!

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end of the line.


also a bit of his master's voice. RCA

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"What are your spontaneous thoughts when you see it?"

My thought was, that the dog is waiting on someone who is there and maybe... coming back after tne call.

Just without reading the title.

So maybe someone was there and made a call and the person got uhm "transfered" away and thats why the cable is now glowing? :D

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my spontaneous thought is "please no lost dogs :("

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First thoughts: The dog is waiting for a phone call. The glowing phone line is great, the compo and colour is great. You've got a winner on your hands..

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I've had border collies... they're devious and sneaky. Is it really lost or just being an attention seeker?

Also... border collie or Australian shepherd?

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I think its a very strong composition with a really good lightning. The deatail work on the grass wich is in front of the dog and the phonecell really adds realism to it, very good work on that. The idea with the enlighted cable is a cool feature and makes it surprising. Strong picture!

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One of those what the heck when lost and along on the woods a booth shows up when you need to call for help and its glowing...though the long distance charges from the Fae are killer though.

Very funny and neat piece.

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I love this image but please add "digital art?" I can see how hard you have worked. Very well done.:D

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Kinda' sad the phone booth has disappeared. Outside the city in rural areas like where I live, AT&T cell coverage is discontinuous and out of city limits? Forget it. Phone booths saved my bacon several times during my life. Just sad to see them go the way of drive-in theaters. Love the pic, BTW!

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wow..aha.. the bordercollie is clever... great picture's name....

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The thought I had was... "the light at the end of the line" XD But the picture itself gives me kind of... hope. It's like it feels fine to know that there's a chance to find someone if you get lost. Maybe I'm too much into psychology aspects, but even the lights reflecting on the grass are like a path that leads somewhere where you're not supposed to be alone, where you can find someone that helps you (and I thought about it before reading the tittle, I promise).

As always, I enjoy a lot your pictures. :D

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My spontaneous thought is that the dog is lost and waiting for its human to call. I wonder how it would answer the phone though :D it's good that you made the phone booth "dog accessible" by removing the lower half of the door, but I still doubt the dog could pick up the receiver. Maybe the dog has seen its human use this phone to call for help when they got lost together and instinctively went to the place..? But with how alert the dog looks, I think it's waiting for the phone to ring.

My second hypothesis, after a few seconds, was that this is a rescue dog on duty waiting for an alarm signal. But with how alone the dog looks and considering that there's no infrastructure hinting at a rescue station, I think that the dog is supposed to be lost after all.

Random thought, the way the phone line is emphasized makes it look as if the phone booth is on a leash - the way the dog wishes it was.

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