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Ideas Come at Night


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There is so much going on while we sleep, ideas and dreams comes and goes. That was how this idea came to life, an idea about all the ideas we get at night, each represented by a light bulb. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about it!
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When I saw the thumbnail in combination with the title, I thought the bulbs were soap bubbles. I wonder if that's intentional, after all dreams are also a lot like soap bubbles - beautiful, but short-lived, and a vague reflection of the physical world.

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I like to tell people that;

"the space between a waking dream and a memory that is not quite a Daydream, that is the place where all inspiration comes from" - DarkEvilFairy
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How imaginative! Nicely done.

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light sleeper?

Superbly executed!
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My son said the same thing! Good ideas :)

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This is a wonderful visual rendition of a HUGE MOOD creatives have. Ideas piling on the forefronts of our minds as we try to sleep, ideas littering the night stand that we tried to put away earlier, ideas that drift in REM... Yup, this is many of us in a nutshell.

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I'm willing to bet you got the idea for this at night. ; P

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Extremely interesting image.

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For me it's the same when Im lying in my bath tub :)

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Cool Concept .. what is the message so ... that the best ideas come at night and we should sleep more or that the best ideas are discarded because we don't remember them when waking up --> see all the light bulbs on the floor?

Clever, "lights out".

OR, what happens the CD player gets set to repeat one song, "You Light Up My Life". Attack of the light bulbs.

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That's why I'm always up late at night.

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great excellent

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