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The difficulty of the road ahead, it's not always what you expect it to be.

Textures photographed and shaped into the structure in Photoshop, man photographed separately.
I would love to hear your thoughts! What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me know in the comments below! :) Happy new year! 
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That's at least carried out very well and lets one discover various possible approaches bit by bit, that means approaches the character photographed can undertake, with similarly various results and interpretations. :) Liked finding this and sitting over it for various attempts.

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Interesting. I always thought this illusion wouldn't work when fully rendered, but this is just as trippy as those simple ones drawn as just a lineart.

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I immediately imagined someone trying to traverse their mind. Really cool!!

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Very well done.
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Love the Escher homage with this one. Well done !

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Very good artwork. For me as a christian this one is quite interesting, cause the light is Jesus, heaven, the near of God. If you go out of that you find yourself in a maze where you cant go much further than you can see or can imagine and all leads back to the light, Jesus. You cant win, you have to go back to light or have to struggle all life in this freakin maze. Jesus saves.

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I really like that your artworks always reward the viewer for looking closer and thinking about what they see. I zoomed into the picture before I even read the description so I could see what came to mind before reading what you intended.

My first thought was that one's path through life is neither a straight line or a circle but a spiral - you keep returning to the same themes, questions, but on a "higher level" or with a wider perspective. Periodically, you return to thoughts or even physical places you have come by before, but you understand more. This thought isn't by me, I read it somewhere, but I have often found it to be true and I see it expressed in the spiral in your artwork.

When I looked at the picture longer, I realized that the guy in it is going to have to jump a lot. He can't just walk along the path, he will have to look left and right, predict where the path will go next, etc. Also a very true observation about life. But this also has an upside: sometimes you can suddenly get to places where you'd only have arrived much later if you had walked normally. There's an element of forced growth in this approach.

Happy new year to you too, and great work as always :)

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thank you for sharing your thoughts! It's somewhere along the line that I had in mind as well creating it! happy 2021!

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So for me the question is simple. Why does a man live in the xentre of a three dimensional illusion / maze? Is he a prisoner? Or does it keep others out?

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Maybe he can just go back into the warm light, or maybe he can try to walk the path although it may have unexpected obstacles, like any path

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Great work! My first thought was: "This guy is absolutely right!" :D

Happy New Year!

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Nice work . It reminds me of an old adage : the adventure begins from the moment you go the wrong way ...

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Love this one. It's fun to gaze at pieces like this. Thanks for sharing it.

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Now if you would pardon me, im gonne reset my barin
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Its hard to follow a path that goes tru the 4rd dimension
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Oh, I love mind bending artworks! This one is no exception! The perspective work, combined with all the colors and textures, resulted in a composition that’s a pleasure to the eye and an illusion to the brain! Also, the atmosphere you conveyed through your artwork gave an outlandish and mysterious feel to the spectator, almost like we’re being invited to take part in this twisted dimension of ladders and paths that merge into each other! And I see how well you managed to transform the inspiration you had from Escher and Magritte’s artworks into your own creation! Congratulations for the awesome piece!! :clap: :D

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Very M. C. Escher'ish :)

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Outstanding! A look of one man's hopelesss view at the effects the Covid 19 pandemic.

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Yes, I know it's not very original what I say now, but for me it's like a modern version of one of Escher's opticial illusion. Great one!

Btw. Gott ny År!

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