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Fishing With Grandpa

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I photographed this a few months, I had an idea about capturing things you do with your grandpa in a humorous way.

I tried to enhance the mode of the scene to bring attention to the fire in the boat. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it, what comes to your mind when you see it? Any thoughts about composition, improvements, mode, feel etc. is always also welcome.
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Oh, that looks like a reeeeallly bad idea! LOL At least it won't end as if it were a motor boat.

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Talex0211Hobbyist Artist

Ever seen the image for TinTin and the Brexit plan?

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TeaPhotographyProfessional General Artist
What a special work of art. I think it's beautifully done! :clap:
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Grandpa appears to have gone beyond reason :)  Excellent concept!
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Jimbowyrick1Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful and "loving" illustration!
But shouldn't they have a hibachi, and not an open fire on the floor of their canoe?!
"Dad! I think that we're sinking!!!" 
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"Caught the biggest fish ya eveh saw and cooked'er right there in da boot", oh yeah, that sounds about right.
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What could be better than be on that boat!
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LittleDragonKidProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not sure, if that is a smart idea :D
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OlgaBeeHobbyist Photographer
this put me a big smile on my face:) 
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digipassionHobbyist Photographer
beautiful light and reflection
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12CArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Applaud fella (Reactions) 
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erogenesisCGIProfessional Digital Artist
haha no joke I've done that before!! Indeed just a metal plate under the fire. In Malawi we can get away with anything lol... including grenade fishing.

ps: smashing picture btw! Your stuff is always a delight to look at.
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JustmeTDHobbyist Photographer
Actually I love it . But my first thought was teach them to do stupid stuff and they will continue as they grow . .... Mr. President what are you doing ? I keep pushing the lunch button but noone is bring food ! Sir! That's the launch button !!!
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I think this is a wonderfully sweet and whimsical image.  It appears many people sometimes over think things, and believe me that is not an insult to anyone.  I am very prone to that myself.  However looking at this, I would say that since Grandpa was able to raise his own children to an age to at least have their own children which he takes fishing; then clearly he is smart enough to build a fire, in a safe way so as NOT to set the boat on fire and sink them in the middle of the lake!  
See, I told you I am guilty of over thinking too.

All I can add is that if this were a real event, what a wonderful memory that young boy would have all of his life!  A truly wonderful composition and presentation.  
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Jerry Sandusky, climate change and a fisherman walking the Sea of Gallilee...because all of those grim, overwrought interpretations tell the viewer of this image who he/she is;
someone who's standing while two seated generations get their sticks nibbled; erect, as though poised to take action or refrain from decisive action at a perfect moment of insight,
epiphany.  A little Mahayana/Hinayana friction creeps in around the soul of democratic governance as freedom and equality contend with one another for extinction and suicide
as epitaph for a race of jerkoffs that fished for insults and ended later than it should have.
These were not my first impressions of your arresting, pristine photograph, but they grew on me over time.
This centered, symmetrical arrangement of elements reads like a parable, placing responsibility for action in the image on the visible components -- and responsibility for corrective action
on the invisible viewer, whose ability to effect change in your photograph, in your photography and in the future of our world is equally humbling.  In the case of this spectacular, topical,
fascinating photograph, I wouldn't change a thing, although bitch-slapping the crap out of the human race seems like a real good idea.
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
I like your thoughts, thanks for sharing them :) 
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I've been reading Harlan Ellison's Glass Teats;
two books in which he crucified late 1960s American television as toothless opium.
It's worse now.  Your images are magic mirrors, as powerful as we let them be
and as fascinating as you make them.
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I love the idea :D
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DDGrafixProfessional General Artist
Very surreal and engaging to look at. Perhaps the only thing they have going for them is that heat rises.
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CainmakHobbyist Digital Artist
At first, I was like, 'Okay, this is a fairly normal picture from Erik...'
Then I read the description and looked at the picture again. I'm a dumb-dumb sometimes. 
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They could just have a ceramic plate under that campfire.
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
valid point 
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