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Expecting winter

It's not the first time I play with fabric to make it look like snow (check out SNOW COVER), but I wanted to try to realize this idea. Playing with the contrasts between different seasons where the cold winter meets the warm colors of fall. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

- Technical aspects, improvements, composition etc.
- What comes to your mind when YOU see it?
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This is my first critique, so bear with me.
I thought this is a really good piece. The balance between the warm, dryness of the dry grass fied is a good with the cool white, iciness of the sheet/snow. I loved how you had her sewing the sheets to show the gradual coming of winter. I noticed the grey shading in the grass at the edge of the sheets and thought that was also creative t show the gradual change in season! On the warmer side of the piece, try adding just a tad bit of color show how winter affects nature. That is the only thing I would recommend. Great job nonetheless! I really liked it!
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Lets see where to begin...

First of all I'm really delighted how you made the sheets look like sheets and not like snow. Sometimes people try a little too hard to blend it out and it comes out either really good or really bad. However, the landscape doesn't seem right to bare the climate for snow but then again, that almost sets the surrealism of the piece. I would think that a saturated sky would've been more perfect then the greying one that you have currently. Oh yeah, nice touch with the birds flying south. I thought that was a quiet little detail that really required the eye to really see what it was viewing. This could also be said with the soft greying of the ground on the encroaching snow. I think the one thing that really catches my eye in an uncomfortable way is how symmetrical this piece is. The snow line is right down the middle giving an equal amount of negative space filled with only a couple trees. I would think if you moved the line even a couple inches forward in the background you would really understand the approach of winter consuming this piece as your eye travels further into the horizon.
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I would disagree with saturated sky suggestion. Hey, we have billions of manips showing electric colors and ad-like focus, screaming "look ---> HERE <---".

This piece is beyond that simplistic approach.

The mundane approach to this render is very good, because it plays great trick with viewer. A 1-second first look makes him think of "quasi low quality" image. Yet the level of contrast and overall render of landscape is very dark-autumnal and fits perfectly.

Yes it is balanced, but it allows for great feeling of slow onset of winter, in accord with slowness of sewing process. Yet edge of white is very broken, a dynamic shape. The inbalanced composition would demonstrate a more dynamic feeling, that is NOT NEEDED here. It's calm.

It is important to remember, that any creative decision is made according to goal. So you can not scream with electric colors when you need cold autumn mood. You can not introdice great dynamics if you need picture to feel calm and meditative. That's why actually I loved that piece a lot. It got awesome amount of art department skills and it dares to not care about common trends. And this tremendous quasi-mundane render that catches viewer who would not guess a CG from miniature perhaps.
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Good points, it is very symmetrical, I thought about that for a long time. But I decided that I wanted to divide the seasons in two equal parts, it might become a bit less interesting this way but I couldn't really see any other way. I still have to improve some parts of it though. Great feedback!
The mist.  The frost rolls in... blanketing all
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Mother Nature is having quite a job as sewing her White Snow cover this winter... ♫  Love the story that this photo brings to my mind... It is very well done. Love the quality and the sharpness of the elements... You have done a GREAT job here... Bravo!
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you're a genius! 
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 love this image. Great composition and captivating.
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in my country we have a story that an old lady brings the winter season and it's name is "naneh sarma" in english translation i think is:
cold mama
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Excellent, conceptual artwork.  When watching this artwork, it makes me thing about changes, about human being able to change things in the world with perseverance.   It transmits a positive message.  Dear friend, it has been featured here:…
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Wow, what an amazing idea *-*
Winter to be patched over the world like combined sheets ... where did you get the idea?
Again, the image seems very authentic to me, well crafted indeed.
Especially the cold mist clouding the grass where the "snow" draws near adds to the feeling of advancing cold.
Plus, that she - may I call he mother nature? - has to stitch every piece of snow in reminds of winter's slow approach in the changing of seasons.
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What a superb creation/idea 
Well done :love: :wow: :winner:
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Absolutely love this
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jealous...with your idea
it's damn cool
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