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End of Line

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The very last stop, the end of line.

Moving to Berlin 6 months ago was very exciting as I knew that I would get a whole new world to be inspired by. This is my first Berlin environment montage and there is a lot more to come. All the parts are shot around my neighborhood and the sky was shot from an airplane window on my last trip to Sweden. Comments on improvements and changes are welcome.

What comes to your mind when you see it?
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Superb work.  It would be a test of my acrophobia to visit there.  Cheers.
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HoremWebProfessional Photographer
For the question in the last row: somehow it reminds me Escher, but also the Tienanmen Mountain 
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quilicoStudent Digital Artist
this photo really touches me.
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IANorrisProfessional Artist
Very cool!  Clean, detailed, and a little spooky.
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brillgkProfessional Digital Artist
This would be great if you'd add a mood in it.. Almost all your works are on my favorites! NICE CONCEPTS, man!
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ferretlivvieHobbyist General Artist
This is really amazing.Love  A hospice is what came to mind when I saw this. Great work Clap 
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there is good, there is the so good and then there is you! absolutely brilliant!
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SeymooreHobbyist Writer
Interesting idea! If I saw it in real life, I'd be really interested in how well is this thing connected with that rock, and how stable is that rock.
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Weisbrod08Hobbyist Photographer
This is excellent!
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DawidRayFriebe Photographer
This is an original masterpiece. I still adore this work!
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dam that's good!
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a0001521Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your last trip and there's no turning back.

This is what came into my mind at first glance.
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Nat-ti General Artist
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life : The Crimson Permanent Assurance.
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With your permission, I am going to write a short story on this absolutely awesome piece of artwork.
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
please do, I would love to hear that! :)
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lol Alright, I'll send it to you when it is completed! Thanks!

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yereverluvinuncleberProfessional Interface Designer
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Cool Work!
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JordanGreywolfHobbyist Digital Artist
Eerie and beautiful!  It's a wonderful combination of familiar, civilized elements (the house, a path leading presumably back to more familiar civilization), and then the surreal (where the world just seems to drop off and be lost in the mists).  I find it kind of funny that there's graffiti on the walls (now THAT'S dedication! ;) ).  The view of sunrise/sunset must be quite something!
NICHIRENSHUHobbyist General Artist
Same for me it remind me "Spirited away". Very well done.
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Can't help but be reminded of "Spirited away" Beautiful movie, and this brings the Bathhouse to mind. 
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alltelleringetProfessional Photographer
that's a great movie!
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Like something out of a Neil Gaiman SANDMAN story. Lovely!
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I absolutely love this picture!

I'd like to write a story about this... something curious and funny and mysterious and spiritual and... a mounth of other things! It's really suggestive, especially 'cause I'm a jobless architect... Writing Emote - NaNo5 

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