Diamond in the rough
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An image I started working on in March/April. I've been staring myself blind on it now and would love to hear a second opinion. Any thoughts on improvements, composition or technique?

What comes to your mind when you see it?

Title credit to: [link]
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omzig89|Hobbyist General Artist
Makes me think of Pink Floyd for some reason!
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May I use your picture for publication? I will be sure to give you a credit.
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xXxSheLovesHexXx|Hobbyist Photographer
Nice artwork :)
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zoomzoom|Professional Digital Artist
its a very cool work, but if its diamond, it won't reflect like this. For the study, of such, I can render you a diamond with the background of such behind it... if you wish.
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Don't know how you did it but it looks perfect.
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wonderful this!
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My first thought was that I'd rather see a rough diamond than one that is cut. #personalpreference

I don't have any other helpful suggestions, so I hope that was one. Have a nice day.
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Impressive. This is more like diamountain in the roughing.
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Manndacity|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's one heck of a meteorite!  Priceless.
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Comajo|Hobbyist General Artist
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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starlord20|Hobbyist Digital Artist
great idea
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NineFireStar| General Artist
Jag tycker om bilden, men diamanten ser inte riktigt ut som en diamant, utan snarare som en plastreplika. Det vore ju snyggt om du fick till diamant-känslan också.
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Manovich-art|Hobbyist Photographer
Would my girl friend ever be happy with the size?
A stunning piece of art that blew my mind as soon as I saw it.
All your work is amazing thanks for inspiring many more artists.Nod 
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ricke76|Hobbyist Digital Artist
 Clap La la la la Nod 
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ForgottenAmnesty|Student Digital Artist
Money may not grow on trees, but diamonds do fall from the sky!

This makes me think of a fallen shooting star. Now you know why they sparkle!
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Great attention to detail.
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Jaymeanoiche|Professional Digital Artist
Diamond in the rough

Great Piece
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creativejunk|Hobbyist Photographer
Great job! Diamonds from outa space
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roses21|Student Photographer
love this =)
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erictoews|Hobbyist Photographer
Ok, so my personal complaint, there are some cheesy looking sunbeams, in the upper left third, as well as the diamond looks kinda plasticky.  I find those distracting.  Not trying to sound mean at all, I love it!  Just what I think could make it better.  Good Job :)
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wdnest|Hobbyist General Artist
I thought if only.
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Vitao-cartunista2012's avatar
Its Tom.. Tom the rock, i mean.. Tom the diamond!!
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MammiART1|Hobbyist Artist
Absolutely amazing...
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