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Breaking up

I shot this a day in March when the ice was breaking up. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, technical improvements, style, feeling, mood? What comes to your mind when you see it?
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It calls to mind the brokenness of a divorced family, and how often times the children can be forced to choose between the two of their parents; each of the two halves representing the two halves of their family.
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home is where the heart is...over the edge ....stranded....but still beautiful.
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reminds me of Caspar David Friedrichs "Eismeer" - well done! Really like the blue tint and the dramatic feel. It's nice and balanced with the 2 houses. I could imagine to add some other element in the left down corner.
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of course, this was also my first thought (i mean the eismeer)... :D

love the composition and the "arrangement" of the ice, incredible... :D
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wow... gorgeous! I'm kinda thinking of a breaking mind. Everything falls apart and floats away.
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Such original ideas you come up with!  It's great to see something NEW!
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This is absolutely beautiful! Reminds me of Brett Helquist's illustrations. I really like how the top half of the image has such a calm atmosphere whilst the bottom half is dramatic and full of movement. Your attention to detail really is breath-taking!
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I think a hint of color (like slightly red roof to make the house stand out more) might help a bit. But it's still a great work - I love your photomanipulation skills and imagination :clap: :+fav:
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Holland Island immediately came to mind: [link] Maybe because I'm a sucker for abandoned places being "reclaimed" by nature.
As far as your piece goes, nothing major, really. It's all good. :) Well, one thing, when I think of it, perhaps the colour palette is a bit uniform.
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Another bigger photo of the Holland Island house before it sank in the sea: [link]
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Wow, this is great! It make feel a sense of despair and hopelessness. Keep up the good work, I always love seeing your new work!
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You have been featured. [link] :heart:
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thanks for the feature!
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I really feel the cold!
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I'd like to start off by saying that the emotional and conceptual impact of this work is stunning. I feel the brutal and bitter sting of being torn away from your "companion". However, I feel that this needs more work. For one, it still feels like the two halves of the house are photoshopped in; they needed to blended in a little bit more. For one, there is not nearly enough snow on them to match what the weather has done to the surrounding areas. Also, it took me a bit to realize that it was actually one house torn in two. Hope this helps.
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thanks for the feedback, might spend some more time on those parts! Good points :)
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I think I will need to find a different place to build a house next time. I may have a big TV, but it's too far away right now.
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this is awesome
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