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surreal artist from sweden living in prague

...edit: I was lately hacked, anything posted in the past month was not by me! /Erik, July2022

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Brilliant art concepts combining surrealistic and symbolic elements :)

Tu fais un travail artistique magnifique ! J'ai parcouru toutes tes photos, je suis allé voir ton travail en détail sur ton site et je reste admiratif par rapport à ce que tu réalises et le temps que tu y passes. Bravo l'artiste !😊

Translation: You are doing a magnificent artistic work! I went through all your photos, I went to see your work in detail on your site and I still admire what you realize and the time you spend there. Bravo the artist! 😊

Uhmmmm........Hey Erik........You have to check all ALL all your links in your profile.....I just discovered.......your main link

is associated to another link....of course i can't write the entire link....but i can write you the relative wikipedia about Doxbin so you can read and understand where clicking lead.

After your famous hack....This happens because you didn't checked your pages after the hack.

Please pay always attention to these things.......and delete immediately all strange links. Don't click on the links but move with the mouse over the link to read the real address....this to see if is your real address or not.

check also the link relative: Follow me on to see if they are correct.

That relative twitter is strange.....and i don't want analyze it...only you can confirm

and if you have similar link check all them please.


Happy Birthday You are a sensual, intuitive, and emotional person who is sometimes misunderstood, generally because you don’t easily let others in on your deepest thoughts and feelings! However, you are very much respected. You tend to think before you speak or write. A calm exterior can hide some nervousness and worry, as well as an intensely emotional nature. In your work, you are a perfectionist. Famous people born today: Ella Fitzgerald, Renee Zellweger, Al Pacino, Jason Lee, Oliver Cromwell, Guglielmo Marconi, Talia Shire, Hank Azaria, & John Henson

thanks for letting me know!! my account was hacked last year and I tried to change all back but I guess I missed some stuff ! appreciated!